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Southwest Oklahoma Plumbing – Red River Technology Center, Duncan

Southwest Oklahoma Plumbing wins more contracts and saves money and time with OBAN.
Southwest Oklahoma Plumbing – Red River Technology Center, Duncan

Edward Gluckowski, owner of Southwest Oklahoma Plumbing, uses the OBAN plan room and blueprint plotter at Red River Technology Center.

THEN: After 28 years of working for commercial and residential plumbing companies, Ed Gluckowski was ready for a change. In 2011, he started his own plumbing company, but one that does not take service calls. At Red River Technology Center's procurement technical assistance center, the OBAN coordinator helps Ed

  • Receive daily emails with bid acquisition opportunities.
  • Protect his company in economic lean times by winning government contracts.
  • Save time and money each month in developing and printing plans and documents for bid applications.

NOW: With customers and employees located across southwestern Oklahoma, the company serves local, county and state government groups such as schools, hospitals, fairgrounds and even a new movie theater. Now, he doesn't answer service calls, and his phone stops ringing at 5 p.m. and doesn't ring on the weekends.


"The service OBAN provides my company is priceless. Without it, I couldn't afford to be a member of each separate plan room. And by having access to Red River Technology Center's plan room and blueprint plotter, I don't have to take a day to travel to Oklahoma City to print blueprint copies. It's like having an extra office right here."

Edward Gluckowski, Owner
Southwest Oklahoma Plumbing


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