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Kyle Ensley – FCCLA – Wright City High School

From Wright City to Abu Dhabi, Kyle Ensley's horizons expanded thanks to FCCLA.
Kyle Ensley – FCCLA – Wright City High School

Kyle Ensley

THEN: Learned of family and consumer sciences education and its student organization while in high school. The program and the organization's focus on family and community were appealing because those are things people from all societies can relate too. While an FCCLA member, Kyle developed

  • Public speaking and leadership skills.
  • Friendships from all seven Oklahoma officer teams at CareerTech University, many of which followed him into college.
  • Real-world experience outside of the classroom.
  • A love for traveling from leadership conferences and conventions in places like Philadelphia, Chicago, Nashville and Buffalo.

NOW: After completing a double bachelor's degree at Oklahoma State University in international business and political science and a Master of Science degree in public policy at Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Kyle is serving as a diplomat at the U.S. Embassy in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.


"If I could advise students about the benefits of CareerTech education, I'd say do it for the leadership and travel opportunities. You develop real world experience outside of the classroom that is fun and rewarding.

"I am very grateful my instructor encouraged me to become more involved in FCCLA. It was a defining part of my high school experience."

Kyle Ensley
U.S. Diplomat
U.S. Embassy
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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