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Natasha Smith – BPA – Homeschool, Gordon Cooper Technology Center

Stepping out of her comfort zone led Natasha Smith into leadership and a passion for CareerTech.
Natasha Smith –  BPA – Homeschool, Gordon Cooper Technology Center

Natasha Smith

THEN: Before high school, homeschooled Natasha's older friend was always talking about office management technology at the technology center. Intrigued, Natasha enrolled as a junior in high school, when she was old enough. The office management program at Gordon Cooper helped Natasha

  • Excel at Microsoft Office programs.
  • Experience an authentic work environment.
  • Gain leadership, communication and organizational skills.
  • Become elected as BPA state parliamentarian and national postsecondary vice president.
  • Decide to go to college.

NOW: Natasha earned a Bachelor of Science degree in career technical and workforce development at the University of Central Oklahoma. She has found her passion as a CareerTech educator at Nathan Hale High School in Tulsa, where she teaches hospitality and tourism.

"Becoming involved in BPA changed my life completely. I discovered my true potential as a leader and speaker, overcoming fears and stepping out of my comfort zone. What I've learned through CareerTech and BPA is so valuable and couldn't have been obtained anywhere else. I developed a deep appreciate for everything that CareerTech stands for and found my passion as a CareerTech educator."

Natasha Smith
Nathan Hale High School, Tulsa
Hospitality and Tourism Instructor


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