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Janna Moore – Meridian Technology Center

Banking executive says CareerTech led her down her career path.

THEN: A high school senior who had completed her course requirements and had no idea what she wanted to do.  She wasn’t ready for college, so Janna’s mother “strongly encouraged” her to take a course at the newly constructed Indian-Meridian Area Vocational-Technical School. When the vo-tech school opened in 1975 their course options were limited. Janna chose banking and savings and loan because the field had good job prospects.

She worked at a local bank in the mornings, and took classes at what is now Meridian Technology Center in the afternoons. She was in the school’s first graduating class in 1976, and she continued to work at the local bank right after graduation. The certification and hands-on banking experience she received

  • Gave her basic banking knowledge and helped her land several full-time banking jobs, starting at the age of 17.
  • Spurred her to achieve a business degree in accounting.
  • Launched a banking career that has lasted nearly 40 years.

NOW: Senior vice president, Business Solutions senior technology manager for Bank of America. She says her CareerTech experience launched her entire career, which has been a rewarding one. Banking is a broad field with varied opportunities

“CareerTech offered the building blocks for my career,” she said. “It helped me get my foot in the door."

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