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Kyle Henry – Wes Watkins Technology Center

Wes Watkins' advanced biomedical science labs put Kyle Henry at the head of college lab classes.
Kyle Henry – Wes Watkins Technology Center

Kyle Henry

THEN: Always interested in the sciences. Wes Watkins Technology Center offered what Kyle's home school could not. The Project Lead the Way Biomedical Science Academy gave Kyle an opportunity to perform advanced labs and

  • Break open HeLa cells and dye the chromosomes for microscope observation.
  • Become familiar with aseptic technique and how to safely streak agar plates to grow bacteria.
  • Learn in-depth about biology and anatomy, medical illnesses and interventions to combat them.

NOW: Prepared for college laboratory classes, Kyle plans to pursue a bachelor's degree in engineering physics. He may then serve as an officer in the Air Force or continue his education in aerospace engineering or a related field with a desire to one day work at NASA focusing in propulsion physics.


"If someone attends a CareerTech center before college, they will be taught many skills not normally taught. It allows them to have experience more career-related rather than just school-related, which is very good for building a resume."

Kyle Henry
Moss High School

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