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Kyle Price - Haworth High School and Kiamichi Technology Center

Kiamichi Tech Center grad co-authors a STEM team-building book.

THEN: A student at Haworth High School set to graduate in 2013. Kyle Price enrolled in the pre-engineering academy at Kiamichi Technology Center. His experience in that program spurred him on to an electrical engineering program at Texas A&M Texarkana. Kyle

  • Plans to complete his bachelor’s degree in 3.5 years.
  • Plans to pursue a master’s degree in electrical engineering.
  • Co-authored a book called “Team Building Activities for STEM Groups.”

NOW: Kyle travels around the country with the group Paradigm Shift, conducting STEM camps. His book is available on Amazon.

Kyle says he’s extremely grateful for the education he received in the pre-engineering program. He recently visited Kiamichi Tech’s Idabel campus to visit with current pre-engineering students and gave signed copies of his book to his former instructors, Ricky Alford and Kenny Dial.

“Pre-engineering equipped me with a solid foundation for math and science as well as the communication skills needed to thrive in an ever-connected world. The program is challenging, but well worth the time and effort.”

Kyle Price

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