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Chacey Schoeppel - FFA

Okstate Truman scholar says FFA helped prepare her for college and work.

THEN: Chacey was already speaking competitively in the fifth grade, so by the time she was a Fairview High School student the decision to join FFA with its plethora of competitive events was an easy one. Her ag teachers encouraged her to participate in several competitive events, which she says allowed her to develop invaluable real-world skills that can’t be taught in a classroom. Involvement in FFA helped her develop

  • Transferrable skills – such as public speaking, interviewing and putting together a resume – that she could apply to college and work.
  • Friends and professional connections that helped her personally and professionally, leading to scholarships at Oklahoma State and an internship with Gov. Mary Fallin.
  • A strong work ethic, including learning the value of time management and working hard.

NOW: A graduate of Oklahoma State University’s ag business program with a pre-law option, Chacey is working with the Ubuntu Youth Project, an after-school program that provides tutoring, mentorship, agricultural education and entrepreneurial skill development for secondary students. In her junior year at OSU, Chacey was named a Truman Scholar. That honor included a scholarship for graduate school, but she plans to defer that scholarship while she continues her work with the South Africans.

“I wouldn’t have had scholarships to Oklahoma State if it hadn’t been for people I met through CareerTech and FFA.”

Chacey Schoeppel, former FFA member


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