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Jimmy Reece – Metro Technology Center

CareerTech program leads high school athlete to law enforcement career.

THEN: A high school athlete with no real plans for his future. Jimmy Reece played football and baseball, and ran track. His educational path wasn’t without struggle, though. His mother and father were sent to prison his freshmen year, and he went to live with his grandmother. When someone from Metro Technology Centers came to his high school to talk about its programs, an interest survey suggested he might like law enforcement. He enrolled, and he excelled.

Jimmy graduated from Oklahoma City Public Schools, Northwest Classen High School and Metro Tech’s Law Enforcement Services Program. He now has a bright future ahead of him and says the Metro Tech program:

  • Helped him discover a passion for law enforcement.
  • Showed him he could combine his love of dogs with law enforcement, through the K-9 officer program.
  • Helped build his self-confidence.

NOW: Jimmy says his teachers at Metro Tech and his mentors at the Oklahoma City Police Department worked to create a very positive educational experience. He was hired as a security officer with full benefits and works full-time at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. He plans to apply to the OKCPD Police Academy and wants to be a K-9 officer.

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