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Jason Burks - Broken Arrow High School BPA

Well-known cinematographer transforms a computer class into movie magic.

THEN: A high school student with big dreams of owning his own filmmaking business. Jason Burks says it all started with his computer technology class at Broken Arrow High School. Through that class he competed in Business Professionals of America events and discovered he had a special talent. At just 17 years old, he started his own film company. One of his goals was (and still is) to be as good at marketing and sales as he was at filmmaking. He says BPA

  • Gave him an understanding of marketing objectives.
  • Taught him how to deal with customers in a professional manner.
  • Taught him how to take notes so he could communicate his ideas in an effective way.

NOW: At 32 years old, Jason is one of the youngest film directors and cinematographers in the business. His company takes him all over the world, competing with top companies in Los Angeles and New York while taking advantage of Oklahoma’s much lower cost of living.


“[BPA] showed me a way that I could start developing a skill set and a career that didn’t end when I graduated high school. It gave me a lot more purpose, it gave me a passion, and I was excited.”

Jason Burks

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