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Libby Parker – Canadian Valley Technology Center

Cheerleader chooses a career in nuclear medicine after a CT scan.
Libby Parker – Canadian Valley Technology Center

Libby Parker and her instructor Corey Herndon

THEN: A high school cheerleader whose friends wanted her to go into cosmetology. Although Libby Parker wanted to be with her friends, an appendectomy changed her plans. She was having a CT scan when she discovered the world of nuclear medicine. The Piedmont High School senior wound up choosing biomedical sciences over cosmetology, saying, “I really didn’t really see myself cutting hair.” She enrolled at Canadian Valley Technology Center in El Reno, where she is on her way to a career as a nuclear medicine technologist.

Libby has flourished in the biomedical sciences program and she has:

  • Gained biomedical skills and knowledge.
  • Been accepted into the high school early admission program at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center.
  • Tackled hands-on projects in anatomy, cell biology, genetics and disease research.

NOW: One of 60 students chosen from 300 applicants for OU’s biomedical program, Libby is guaranteed a spot when she becomes a college junior. Instructor Corey Herndon said Libby has “all the makings of a medical professional,” calling her “intelligent, intentional and diligent.” She will start college this fall as the first Oklahoma Sooner in a family of Oklahoma State Cowboys, once again blazing her own trail.

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