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Josh Brown – Francis Tuttle Technology Center

Francis Tuttle graduate finds love(s) through Pre-Engineering Academy.

THEN: A little boy who wanted to know how things work. Josh Brown’s parents said he was always building or inventing something – or taking things apart. He enrolled in Francis Tuttle Technology Center’s Pre-Engineering Academy in high school and said he knew from the start that he wanted to be an engineer. Josh credits his Introduction to Engineering Design class, which exposed him to 3-D modeling. He still loves – and uses – 3-D modeling today. Josh had several career-defining (and life-changing) experiences, including these:

  • Receiving practical, hands-on engineering lessons – programming CNCs, building sophisticated balsa bridges, designing FIRST Robotics robots, etc.
  • Learning to create and deliver precise presentations.
  • Gaining the skills to confidently speak in public.

As a special bonus, he met a friend at a robotics competition who later introduced Josh to his future wife!

NOW: A mechanical engineer designing for Allied High Tech Products Inc., a manufacturer and supplier serving the aerospace, government, semiconductor, medical and metallurgical industries. Josh has designed industrial heating and air conditioning systems, flow regulators, pressure relief valves and precision tools. He serves on Francis Tuttle’s pre-engineering advisory committee and is the Oklahoma chairman for the SkillsUSA Principles of Engineering Contest.



"I’m a firm believer that for an engineer to succeed, they need to be a great communicator."

Josh Brown, mechanical engineer for Allied High Tech Products Inc.

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