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Will Bailey - Pontotoc Technology Center

Pontotoc student draws a path from his past to his future with the Chickasaw Nation.
Will Bailey - Pontotoc Technology Center

Will Bailey is interactive developer for the Chickasaw Nation.

THEN: A talented artist who loved drawing and painting as a child. In high school, Will Bailey took a media arts class, where he learned about photo editing and digital illustration software. After school hours, he did custom airbrushing and paint work. His passion for art led him to Pontotoc Technology Center to get additional training. At Pontotoc Tech, Will:

  • Received Adobe certification in Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Developed skills in design, videography and video equipment, digital photography and time management.
  • Competed in the graphic arts competition at the state Business Professionals of America conference.
  • Set up his own freelance logo design business.

NOW: The interactive developer for Chickasaw Nation’s training department. He designs booklets, presentations and internal marketing pieces, as well as logos and other promotional materials. His promising new career offers him full health benefits as well as the possibility of career advancement.

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