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Aldo Alatorre – Autry Technology Center and SkillsUSA

Welding class sparked an interest for high school grad.
Aldo Alatorre – Autry Technology Center and SkillsUSA

“CareerTech showed me my future calling.” –Aldo Alatorre

THEN: An introverted student at Pioneer High School. After graduation, he signed up for welding classes at Autry Technology Center, even though his classmates tried to tell him those classes would be a waste of time. Aldo Alatorre said that waste of time turned out to be his calling. Aldo joined SkillsUSA and was on the state officer team. He said a trip to the national leadership conference taught him about how government works, and he made new friends along the way. In addition, he learned that he loved to weld.

“I look forward to getting up every day and striking that first welding arc,” he said. “It makes me proud to know I have a career where I can excel.”

Aldo says that Autry Tech and SkillsUSA taught him:

  • Welding skills.
  • Leadership and public speaking skills.
  • Customer service and networking skills that allow him to communicate with his customers.

NOW: A successful welder working for Rite-Way Construction LLC. Aldo says CareerTech helped him find his passion.

“I use the skills that I learned at CareerTech every day,” he said.



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