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Jessi Perriman – Western Technology Center

Emergency responder gives back by training others.

THEN: A young woman looking for a career that was unique, challenging and diverse. Jessi Perriman decided the emergency medical field would fit that bill for her.

“You never see the same thing twice, you have the opportunity to interact with all segments of society, and you can make a positive difference in people’s lives,” she said.

Jessi received her emergency medical technician certification from Western Technology Center and went to work for the Burns Flat Emergency Management Service. At that time she was one of only two paramedics in Washita County. Now she also works part-time for the Elk City Fire Department/EMS.

Jessi said she appreciates the training she received at WTC. “I have no doubt that where I am today is a direct result of the training I received at WTC. The program opened so many doors for me,” she said.

Now Jessi is giving back to the technology center and to her community. She:

  • Is a certified EMS instructor and an adjunct instructor at WTC.
  • Serves as a faculty member for WTC’s American Heart Association Community Training Center.
  • Is responsible for renewing and monitoring other instructors through the American Heart Association.

Jaitton Balcom, director of the Sentinel Ambulance Service and one of Jessi’s students said, “Jessi uses past experience and course curriculum to make sure that everyone understands how, when and why to perform a skill.”

NOW: A successful instructor for WTC. “She has knowledge, understanding and compassion. She cares about her patients and her students,” Balcom said.

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