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Hallie Hembree – Moore Norman Technology Center

West Point freshman has the ball in her court – along with a strong set of nursing skills.

THEN: A Norman North High School volleyball player who wanted to be a doctor. She juggled her love of sports with her love of medicine, signing up for the pre-nursing program at Moore Norman Technology Center.

Hallie Hembree topped the 6-foot mark as a junior and soon caught the eye of a recruiter from West Point. Volleyball got her noticed, but hard work and a seven-month application process got her accepted to the U.S. Military Academy with a full scholarship. Hallie said Moore Norman helped her prepare for the rigor of West Point. At MNTC she:

  • Learned high-level medical terminology and anatomy and physiology.

  • Prepared for the American Urological Association certification.

  • Performed direct patient care clinical rotations in ER and wound care settings.

NOW: After completing her six-week basic training, Hallie will attend the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, majoring in either chemistry or life sciences. As a graduate she will serve as a commissioned officer for five years and can then choose to serve four to five years in the Army Reserve or remain in active duty service.

“Being responsible for people’s lives is hard. Moore Norman helped me prepare for West Point because you always have to be on top of your game in a medical setting, and in pre-nursing I had to do that and take everything very seriously,” Hallie said.



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