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Alesha Thompson – Meridian Technology Center

Biotechnology grad tests the waters for a career in STEM.

THEN: A home-schooled student in Stillwater, Oklahoma, with a passion for science and math. Alesha Thompson enrolled in Meridian Technology Center’s biotechnology program and became the program’s top graduating student in 2013. Pursuing her love of STEM and health, Alesha

  • Took advanced STEM classes including microbiology, chemistry, statistics and calculus.
  • Learned how to use spreadsheet software to create graphs and analyze data.
  • Developed laboratory skills that prepared her for more advanced work in a research environment.

NOW: Alesha received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Oklahoma and is now finishing her first year as a graduate research assistant at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. As part of her work in the master’s of public health program, she rebuilt the clinic’s quality improvement database. Alesha conducts data analyses and provides graphs to assist clinic doctors. She is doing her practicum at the Center for Disease Control, where she is researching emerging contaminants in drinking water for the National Environmental Health Public Health Tracking branch. After graduation, Alesha plans to pursue a doctorate in environmental justice.

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