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Kelby Thompson – Central Technology Center

Central Tech grad hit the ground with all 18 wheels and hasn’t stopped since.

THEN: “Homeless and hopeless,” a victim of the oil bust who lost everything he owned when he lost his job in the oilfield. Kelby Thompson needed to find a new career, and he said he chose Central Technology Center’s truck driver training program because of its outstanding reputation.

Central Tech’s transportation safety and education director, John Thorpe, described Kelby as the kind of person everyone likes and wants to be around.

 “He demonstrated a dedicated work ethic which made him and others around him very successful while at Central Tech,” Thorpe said.

 That was 24 years ago. After completing the program, Kelby

  • Went to work for Aero Trucking for 10 years.
  • Moved from driver to sales for Aero Trucking.
  • Moved to TMC Trucking, where he’s worked for 14 years.

NOW: Kelby is a recruiter for TMC, the largest privately held flatbed carrier in the nation. Kelby is still involved with Central Tech, visiting the school as a recruiter and motivating students with his personal story. He said he likes to hire students from Central Tech because he knows he’ll find high-quality employees.


"The instructors and people involved with the program genuinely care about the students, their well-being and helping them find jobs.”

Kelby Thompson, TMC Trucking




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