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Ashley Hobbs – High Plains Technology Center

Wind energy graduate wants to work her way up in the field -- WAY up!

THEN: An Arnett High School student who was fascinated by the wind turbines she saw on her way to and from school and always wanted to know how they worked. Ashley Hobbs put that curiosity on hold after high school and went to work as a corrections officer and dispatcher in the corrections system. Later, as a single mom, Ashley was looking for a career change and discovered the wind turbine technician program, a Business and Industry Services program at High Plains Technology Center. 

“The program and the instructors are amazing,” she said. At High Plains, Ashley

  • Learned electrical and hydraulic troubleshooting.
  • Learned the pitch hub systems and turbine systems in general.
  • Received an advanced wind turbine technician certificate.
  • Was named a Wind at Our Backs scholar, receiving a $2,500 scholarship from an organization called Women of Renewable Industries and Sustainable Energy.

NOW: A wind turbine technician at GE, Ashley not only knows how wind turbines work, she is making sure that they do. Her new job helps her support her two daughters, and she plans to eventually get her associate degree and continue working in wind energy. For some, wind energy may be considered a non-traditional career for a woman, but Ashley says it's one of the best choices she has made.

"Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do as well as the men," she said. "Keep your head up...and prove you can do it." 

And that is exactly what Ashley is doing. 

“Wind is crucial for our future when it comes to clean energy and power. Wind will always be here.”

Ashley Hobbs, wind turbine technician

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