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Bella Cutruzzula – FCCLA

Keeping it all in the family: National FCCLA officer follows big sister’s lead.

THEN: Her older sister was elected to the National Executive Council of Family, Career and Community Leaders of America. All of her friends were involved in FCCLA, and Bella Cutruzzula knew she wanted one of the signature red jackets of her own.

“Being able to watch my sister and see all of the opportunities she had made me want it that much more,” she said.

She didn’t have to live vicariously for long. As a junior at Drummond High School, Bella is now a national FCCLA officer in her own right and says the family and consumer sciences student organization has taught her

  • Time management skills, which she uses in her other high school activities.
  • Organizational skills.
  • Job readiness skills, which helped her land her first job.

NOW: National vice president of community service for FCCLA. Bella said she believes students involved in CareerTech organizations acquire skills that not everyone is able to obtain.

“We’re the future leaders of our society” she said, “and I believe being involved in CareerTech education prepares our youth to take on any role.”

After high school, Bella hopes to attend Oklahoma State University and major in pre-med.



Teen Times Sept/Oct 2018 

“CareerTech has personally changed my life. I know that without it I wouldn’t be the leader or person I am today. The skills you learn are skills you will have for life, and I highly advise students to get involved!”

Bella Cutruzzula

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