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Advanced Massage Studios - Pioneer Technology Center

Ponca City couple said CareerTech helped them work the kinks out of their small business idea.
Advanced Massage Studios - Pioneer Technology Center

Gail and Bill Gillogly at Advanced Massage Studios.

THEN: A husband and wife team with little more than an idea for a small business in Ponca City. Gail Gillogly and her husband, Bill, took their idea for a massage therapy business to Pioneer Technology Center, and they were accepted into the incubator program there. The couple opened their business at Pioneer Tech in 2015, and over the next 28 months they were able to establish enough clientele to justify launching the business on their own. Gail said Pioneer Tech’s incubator program offered them

  • Small business seminars.
  • Advice and direction in various fields of expertise.
  • An opportunity to build their client base at an accelerated rate.
  • Low overhead that allowed them to channel more funds toward advertising.

NOW: Advanced Massage Studios is open in Ponca City. Gail said she would encourage anyone with a business idea to take advantage of the incubator program. She said it helped turn her dream into reality.

“I can't express how advantageous this program is for anyone wanting to step out into the small business world,” she said. “Everyone we worked with at Pioneer Tech gave us the support to succeed in our venture.”

“Don’t let anyone talk you out of your dreams. Pioneer Tech has helped me make my dream come true. I’m very grateful.” 

Gail Gillogly, small business owner

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