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Billy Winter - Lexington Skills Center

HVAC contractor said Skills Center gave him a step up, and he’s been climbing ever since.

THEN: “I got the bright idea to create fake checks, and I got caught,” Billy Winter said.

Billy served time in the Lexington Correctional Center, but he made the most of that time by enrolling in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning program at Lexington Skills Center. Billy said that HVAC program saved his life.

“I feel that without CareerTech I would have ended up back in dead-end jobs and back in the drug scene,” he said.

In addition to the hands-on training he received, Billy said the instructors and staff at Lexington Skills Center:

Helped him prepare for his journeyman’s exam.

  • Helped him create a resume and worked with him on interviewing skills.
  • Put him in contact with a transitional living facility, which led to a job opportunity after his release.

Billy got his journeyman’s license and later his mechanical and electrical contractor’s license. After incarceration, he went to work for a small HVAC company, then moved up to a supervisor position at the Jane Phillips Medical Center in Bartlesville.

NOW: Billy is the mechanical superintendent in charge of plumbing and HVAC operations at ConocoPhillips-Bartlesville. He supervises a team of 12 employees in a 24/7 operation. He said that since 2010, he has not been without a job.

“The staff at the skills centers are amazing. They go out of their way to help you if they believe you truly want to change your life.” Billy Winter, HVAC contractor
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