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Coty Green - SkillsUSA, Northwest Technology Center and Chisholm Trail Technology Center

Auto repair grad has been investing in his retirement since he was 18.

THEN: An auto repair student at Northwest Technology Center who didn’t intend to fix cars for a living. Coty Green received state competencies in engine repair, engine performance, electrical repair, HVAC, brakes and steering and suspension before he graduated from Alva High School in 2008. That was to be the end of his involvement with CareerTech. Five years later, he graduated from Northwestern Oklahoma State University with a degree in mass communication.

After college, money called, and Coty went to work in the oilfield. He was soon laid off and was unemployed for several months. He decided to take advantage of his CareerTech background and got a job at a car dealership. Within two years, he said, he was making a “very comfortable salary” in a secure job.

Coty said Northwest Tech and SkillsUSA taught him skills he uses every day, and skills he teaches every day, including:

  • The importance of knowing how to get information.
  • Electrical repair, which helped him get a job at a car dealership.
  • Soft skills that help with employability and life.

“I started a Roth IRA when I was 18 years old,” he said, “thanks to the time we spent learning about personal finance. Best fiscal decision I’ve ever made.”

NOW: After five years in the auto repair industry, Coty left the dealership to teach automotive service technology at Chisholm Trail Technology Center.

“Always do your best to plan for the future,” he said, “but don’t be fazed if your plans change.”

Coty has now seen the impact of CareerTech from both sides of the classroom door.

“These are young adults who know what they want to do and are passionate about it,” he said. “If you work with them a little bit and help them in their path to becoming the best in their field, you will have gained a loyal employee who will work hard for you."

"I didn't plan to use my experiences from CareerTech, but 10 years later I have a great job and use those experiences every day.”  
Coty Green, Chisholm Trail instructor

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