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Phillip Gaines – Moore Norman Technology Center

This dad’s new career path is shear genius.

THEN: Daughters can be expensive, and Phillip Gaines has four of them. The pharmaceutical rep said his girls liked to have their hair styled a certain way, and the cost of taking care of that hair was astronomical. After working in the pharmaceutical industry for 10 years, Phillip made a 180-degree career shift and enrolled in the cosmetology program at Moore Norman Technology Center. His plan was to save money, but also to bond with his daughters.

“I wanted to be an above-average dad,” he said, adding that helping his daughters with their hair would give him more daddy-daughter time.

“And,” said Phillip, “along with their bonding time, I could actually enhance their looks.”

Before he could get the seal of approval from the girls, he needed to improve his skills. At MNTC, he learned more about his daughters’ hair, but he also learned about:

  • A wide array of products to use on different hair types.
  • Nail care, including how to give manicures and pedicures.
  • The basics of hair color treatments and haircuts.
He has attended several expos and trade show events to learn more about the industry, and has completed numerous internships. He was able to invest in a home salon to practice on his daughters, friends and extended family members in his spare time. 

NOW: Phillip passed his state board exam in 2019, and is now a licensed cosmetologist. He has developed and established relationships with several Oklahoma salon owners and stylists. 


“I like the pampering side of it, more than anything. I love to be able to give people the euphoria and satisfaction they come to a salon for.”

Phillip Gaines, cosmetology student

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