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Gunner Fullbright – Wes Watkins Technology Center and BPA

Graphic designer has been on both ends of the CareerTech delivery system.

THEN: He was about to graduate from Okemah High School, but needed to find a class to fill a hole in his schedule. Gunner Fullbright’s counselor told him about the multimedia program at Wes Watkins Technology Center. He wanted to sign up, but it was a two-year program and he was in his last year of high school.

No problem. Gunner challenged himself to complete the two-year program in one year, while serving as state president for the Business Professionals of America. Through BPA and Wes Watkins Tech, Gunner earned his multimedia specialist certificate. He said he also picked up a number of other skills and character traits, including:

  • Public speaking and leadership skills.
  • Proficiency in Adobe and other software programs.
  • Self-confidence.
  • Accountability.

“Through BPA I made new friends and relationships, and it has definitely impacted my life for the better,” he said, adding that one of the friends he made while he was a state officer became his wife. Olivia Fullbright was in biomedical sciences and a member of HOSA, the student organization for health occupations.

NOW: Gunner is a full-time graphic designer for Oklahoma CareerTech, as well as a youth minister for his church. He said he uses the skills he learned every day, and in his new position at CareerTech he gets to use those skills to support the system that made his career possible.

“I’m honored to have the opportunity to give back,” he said.

“I use my skills professionally, for fun, as a hobby, and to earn a little extra money. But I mostly use them to help people who need them.”

Gunner Fullbright

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