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Buzzy Manning – Indian Capital Technology Center

Her career path took her right back where she started.
Buzzy Manning – Indian Capital Technology Center

Photo courtesy of Tahlequah Daily Press.

THEN: A Virginian who wound up in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, after a flat tire left her family temporarily stranded there. Buzzy Manning loved the country, and loved Tahlequah.

Buzzy eventually moved to Tahlequah with her husband and kids, but had a hard time finding a job.  She had attended several colleges for drafting and engineering, but said she had always had a passion for technology. Then she heard about the Cisco Technologies program at Indian Capital Technology Center.

Buzzy was the first person to enroll in the class at ICTC, which 

  • Taught her how to work with routers and switches.
  • Offered the certifications she needed to get a job.
  • Helped her find a job she loved that also allowed her to travel across the country.

Despite her CareerTech training, the dot-com bust left her again scrambling for work. That's when CareerTech gave her another nudge. A former ICTC instructor called and asked if Buzzy wanted to teach. Back at the technology center where she had studied, she discovered a new passion: teaching. She said she loves inspiring young people.

"I never chose to teach; it chose me,” she said. “You either love it or you don't, [and] I've always loved it."

NOW: Buzzy retired from ICTC after 14 1/2 years of teaching. She said she will never stop learning about and sharing information about the technology she taught others.

“I’ll probably always teach,” she said. “I will miss those young people greeting me every day.”

Tahlequah Public Schools has offered Buzzy a part-time job, and she said she has considered teaching night classes at ICTC.

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