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Marcos Ibanez - Metro Technology Center

Martial arts master moves from self-defense to defending students.

THEN: A three-time world champion in martial arts. Marcos Ibanez was a junior at ASTEC Charter High School when he enrolled in the law enforcement program at Metro Technology Centers. He graduated from that program in 2014. Through the Metro Tech program, Marcos

  • Earned law enforcement-related certifications.
  • Was able to network with professionals in the field, which helped him grow in his field.
  • Gained skills and knowledge in law enforcement.

Marcos got his first law enforcement job with Elite Security. When the 19-year-old was guest speaking to new students in his former Metro Tech classroom, he met a spokesperson for the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. That individual encouraged him to apply for a security position at the Oklahoma state Capitol, and Marcos soon became the youngest person to work security at the Capitol.

He continued his education after Metro Tech, graduating from OSU-OKC in 2017 with an associate degree in police science.

NOW: Marcos continues to network with his contacts. After four years at the state Capitol, he is now a police officer for the Oklahoma Christian University Police Department. He’s working on a bachelor’s degree in emergency responder and administration and plans to graduate in spring 2020.

He said he still has fond memories of his first exposure to law enforcement.

“Metro Tech was an incredible experience,” he said. “I bonded with students from different schools, different cultures and different backgrounds, and we all became like family.”

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