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Barry Miller – Tulsa Technology Center and SkillsUSA

Tech center grad brought his skills back to his alma mater.

THEN: A Broken Arrow High School student who loved art and drawing. In high school, Barry Miller signed up for design classes at Tulsa Technology Center and participated in SkillsUSA. When he realized he could actually make a living doing graphic design, he was hooked. At Tulsa Tech, Barry said he learned

  • Basic networking skills.
  • How to use basic Adobe software, such as Photoshop and InDesign.
  • Career options in the design area.

After completing the design program at Tulsa Tech, Barry enrolled at Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology. There, he received his associate degree in graphic design technology and also met his wife.

NOW: A graphic design specialist at Tulsa Technology Center. Barry goes to work every day at the same school where he was first introduced to graphic design. He said he made a lot of friends when he was a student there, and he is still in contact with many of them.

Barry’s advice to young people preparing for their careers? “Always learn new things, even if it’s not in your profession.”



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