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Robert Gibson – Kiamichi Technology Centers and Indian Capital Technology Center

Nontraditional student graduates with honors from not one, but TWO technology centers.

THEN: A 55-year-old man who worked at the chicken plant near his hometown of Westville, Oklahoma. Robert Gibson said he wanted a better life, and for that, he knew he’d have to go back to school. Gibson also knew an education would cost money, but he was confident it would be worth it.

He enrolled in Indian Capital Technology Center’s automotive technology program, selling produce from his backyard garden to help pay for his tuition at the Stillwell campus. The Chickasaw Nation also helped Gibson with some of his expenses.

The nontraditional student worked hard at Indian Capital and was named student of the month before becoming the oldest student to graduate from the school. He got perfect scores on his coursework, and he was never late and never missed class.

It wasn’t enough for Gibson to graduate with flying colors. After graduation, he:

  • Enrolled in a second technology center, studying diesel mechanics at Kiamichi Technology Centers’ Hugo campus.
  • Was once again the oldest student enrolled, but again was named student of the month, achieved perfect attendance and graduated with an average of 100 percent.
  • Received all of the certifications the school had to offer in both programs.

NOW: Gibson accepted a job with a company in Kansas City. The job markets for both automotive and diesel mechanics are predicted to grow.

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