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Issue 8

Malena Woodward, LPC

Counselor Malena Woodward offers realistic college perspective in biomedical sciences.

Malena Woodward, LPC - Read More…

Bryan Kitzrow

Former engineering major Bryan Kitzrow knows the value of preparation for college engineering success.

Bryan Kitzrow - Read More…

Andrew Aday

Andrew Aday plans a career in biomedical engineering after taking mission trips with his father.

Andrew Aday - Read More…

Kelli Carnes

In her “dream size” classroom, Kelli Carnes enjoys teaching students excited about science.

Kelli Carnes - Read More…

Seth Booth

Seth Booth, former Canadian Valley Technology student, excels in MIT’s engineering program.

Seth Booth - Read More…

Martha Wallace

Martha Wallace finds her dream career through pre-engineering courses.

Martha Wallace - Read More…

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