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Monday Memo 2013-04-22

State Board meets; Pioneer Technology Center guarantees graduates; Oklahoma delegation heading to BIO International; marketing materials receive awards; energy and workforce topics on Oklahoma Horizon; technology center students at Speedfest Competition April 19-21; Marla Marsh and Monica Marsh to be keynote speakers; Oklahoma Green Grant; the Padagogy Wheel; OBAN client does well; Perkins Grants due soon; and Stillwater Chamber hosts reception; and my schedule for the week.


"It is the nature of man to rise to greatness if greatness is expected of him."
– John Steinbeck

State Board Meets

The Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education state board met last week. They welcomed their newest member Phil Kennedy from the Lawton area, approved an annexation to Francis Tuttle Technology Center, and had general discussions about the work underway to assess the status of the CareerTech System and the Department.

Pioneer Technology Center Guarantees Graduates

Beginning with next school year, Pioneer Technology Center will “Guarantee our Graduates.” The school will provide free, additional education if their students don’t perform as expected in the workplace. The students will have to meet several requirements to earn this stamp of approval. If you want to know more, they would be happy to share their requirements and all the details.

Oklahoma Delegation Heading to BIO International

The Oklahoma Bioscience Association and the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber will lead a delegation of nearly 70 representatives from Oklahoma to the BIO International Convention April 22-25. The delegation includes scientists, business leaders, educators and economic development officers from across the state.

This year’s Oklahoma attendees are expected to be from Oklahoma City, Stillwater, Ponca City, Ardmore, Muskogee and Norman. The team will staff a 2,000-square-foot Oklahoma Bioscience Pavilion, complete with touch-screen monitors showcasing Oklahoma’s bioscience companies, education programs and economic development initiatives. (contributed by Sheryl Hale)

Marketing Materials Receive Awards

Our very own Communications and Marketing and Creative Services Divisions this week were recognized with the highest awards given in three categories of the Oklahoma School Public Relations Association annual Publications and Communications contest. Awards of Excellence
were given for the 2012 Annual Report, the infographic/CTSO flier and the revised STEM marketing materials. (Contributed by Kimberly Sadler)

Energy and Workforce Topics on Horizon

Oklahoma Horizon covers the energy industry on a show that begins airing at 3 p.m. April 28 on OETA. Oklahoma Secretary of Energy Michael Ming tells us the state is now number one per capita for CNG fueling stations. Tulsa Tech shows how it is helping the growing CNG industry with a new program to help students become CNG-certified technicians, and the show examines the job skills needed to work in an energy industry that will need to replace half its workers in the next 15 years because of retirements. (Contributed by Karen Hart)

Technology Center Students at Speedfest Competition April 19-21

Speedfest was an exciting, high-speed aircraft design competition which is intended to foster enthusiasm for aviation and unmanned aircraft design. This year, there were two divisions in the Stillwater event: collegiate-level teams and high-school level teams on an invitational basis. Almost half of the 16 teams competing in the high-school division represent Oklahoma technology centers. Representing the CareerTech System were teams from Great Plains, Meridian, Francis Tuttle, Northeast and Gordon Cooper Technology Centers. (Contributed by Glen Hammonds)

Postscript: Glen's niece is a member of one of the collegiate teams from OSU. She graduates in May, 2013 with a degree in mechanical and aerospace engineering, completing the double major in four years.

Marla Marsh and Monica Marsh to be Keynote Speakers

In September, Marla and Monica Marsh will keynote for the Career Technical Education Equity Council in Oklahoma. The Marshes have worked for years on cultural competency curriculum and educational program design. They have effectively created programming that reduces subconscious racism, improves cross cultural understanding and helps improve company responsiveness to all cultures. There work began within CareerTech and is now used at the university level. Here is the link from CTEEC:

Oklahoma Green Grant

Through four partner technology centers and the Associated General Contractors of Oklahoma (AGC) we have provided training to 980 unemployed, under employed and incumbent workers. The Department of CareerTech received a $565,000 grant from the Department of Commerce to train eligible adults for employment in sustainable green industry sectors.

Francis Tuttle Technology Center provided National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) certification training to 63 construction technology instructors and to help accomplish our goal of having all of our 108 instructors NCCER Green Building Certified.
Canadian Valley and High Plains Technology Centers have trained and certified 344 wind technicians through scholarships made available through the grant. Companies in the wind
industry have embraced the program and consider their partnerships with these schools critical to their current and future success.

Tulsa Technology Center has worked with industry partners to train and certify 118 alternative fuels technicians in both full-time and business and industry training programs. These new technicians are working primarily in the CNG-powered vehicle industry. The AGC has provided LEED GA certification to 50 incumbent workers in the commercial construction industry.

The Padagogy Wheel

In Kerry Eades' CareerTech Testing Center Blog this week, he provided a link to The Padagogy Wheel, which is a blending of Blooms Taxonomy and popular mobile apps. Teachers can use the wheel to ensure higher order instruction and learning through the use of technology. Visit the CareerTech Testing Blog for this posting and lots of other great resources.

Client Does Well

This week an Oklahoma Bid Assistance Network client reported winning their first government contract. The client who is engaged with the bid assistance center at Eastern Oklahoma County Technology Center was awarded a first year contract valued at $300,000 with the option of renewal for two additional years. (contributed by Matt Litteral)

Perkins Grants Due Soon

The Carl Perkins Act provides more than $13 Million to 400 secondary school districts, 29 technology centers and 23 AAS degree-granting universities. The basic application is open and due June 21, 2013 from these entities.

We expect to have our final funding details from the United States Department of Education sometime in May, and will work quickly to get those numbers out to the field as quickly as possible.
Carl Perkins Supplemental Grants are open and due June 1. Check out the following link for more information.

Stillwater Chamber Hosts Reception

The Stillwater Chamber of Commerce will host a reception for me on May 8 from 5-6:30 p.m. at Meridian Technology Center. The reception is sponsored by BancFirst and Stillwater Medical Center. Everyone is welcome to stop by for the event.

Schedule for the week

This schedule is subject to change without notice


Meeting with senior leader – operations briefing
Senate meeting
Meeting with agricultural interest groups
Senate meeting
Meeting with Stillwater Medical Center leadership


Meetings still being finalized in Oklahoma City
Presentation on CareerTech for OSU class


Meeting on Tinker Air Force Base
House meeting
Senate meeting
Tech Center Superintendents’ meeting


Internal staff meetings to provide operational briefings
IT meeting
Curriculum development meeting
Meeting with Jan Bray - OKC


Presentation for business training CareerTech staff (CBITS)
Meeting with Mark Snead
Meeting with Stillwater Schools superintendent

See you around!

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