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Monday Memo 2013-08-19

Major process meetings held; common school engagement; major processes as a new approach; Carver Governance introduced to the state board; performance data being analyzed; bandwidth a challenge for many schools; United Way Campaign gearing up; CareerTech professionals help Moore schools; Biotech success story; National Security Agency conducted site visits in Oklahoma; OK, I’m finally over the golf outing loss. Here are the winners; and my schedule for the week.
"Never regret. If it's good, it's wonderful. If it's bad, it's experience."
– Victoria Holt

Major process meetings held

Individuals from the field and the agency this past week received initial instruction on how to create key requirements for the 17 major processes.  There will be 17 field and 17 agency staff who will lead the development of the key requirements.  Once independently created, the field and agency perspectives will be merged and roles for the field and the agency will be clarified.  We anticipate this work being completed by the end of September.

The major processes are how the CareerTech system will deliver on the strategic purposes.  The key requirements will define the characteristics required for high quality processes.  These will guide actual creation of work procedures and activities.  These procedures will vary by school, but will be comparable for continuous improvement purposes.  More on this concept in the future.

Common school engagement

As we work through the development of key documents, we are struggling to engage the common school side of our CareerTech system.  This engagement will be assisted through upcoming meetings we are having with common school superintendents.  Oklahoma ACTE also helps with this effort.  We are sensitive to this challenge and will continue to work to expand the voices at the table.

Major processes as a new approach

Student and company results are king in our emerging performance based system.  However, results are only accomplished through processes.  The major processes are the first step in defining what it takes to get consistent, cost effective results.

Major processes won’t be prescriptive about actual practice, except in areas like accounting and student information systems, but they will give us a base to discuss continuous improvement, innovation and best practices.  They will also give us a way to maintain consistency without regulatory control.  Finally, they will give us a chance to compare process results so new breakthroughs in one school or program can easily be shared with others.

State Task Force report has many implications for other states

The following is an overview of work being undertaken in Iowa.  It parallels work being considered in other states.  It is consistent with our efforts to focus on results and continuous improvement versus seat time and regulations.

“Competency-based environments connect learning to student passions and interests, drawing them toward higher-order thinking and, therefore, deeper learning, asserts a task force formed in 2012 by Iowa Senate File 2284. Their preliminary report includes plans to convert Iowa classrooms from a seat-time system to one in which students advance by demonstrating competencies. They call for development of maps to help districts make that transformation as well as model competencies aligned to the Iowa core.” (from the Competency-Based Education Task Force in Iowa)

Carver Governance introduced to the state board

The Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education State Board joined the State Board of Education and about 30 interested individuals to hear about Carver Policy Governance.  Miriam Carver described a new way of approaching board governance based on defining what the system is to accomplish for its customers, establishing limitations on what processes are acceptable for achieving these “whats,” and defining a monitoring process for assuring the results are achieved and the limitations are avoided.  The model assures strong board control without micro-management.

The model is a marked departure from traditional board approaches and therefore will require further deliberation on the part of the board to determine its desirability and usefulness.  Stay tuned.

Performance data being analyzed

As the organizational assessment team moves forward with its work, we are starting to analyze the data we have and the data we need to be performance driven.  We are finding a lot of information which can guide our early work and we are discovering challenges in our data systems moving forward.

We are moving data analysis to a tech center region approach so we can determine overall system impact on segments of the state and the state generally.  We are also either reporting on or determining missing data around the strategic purposes.  For example, we have a lot of data around career preparation programs, but virtually none regarding career development.

Stay tuned for some actual documents to consider.  These should start appearing around the first of September.

Bandwidth a challenge for many schools

A recent report from the tech folks in the State Department of Education shows the vast majority of Oklahoma schools do not have the bandwidth required to support high end personalized, blended learning.  The bandwidth requirements for fully engaged digital environments as established by schools like Carpe Diem, Rocketship or Mooresville School District are found in less than 10 percent of Oklahoma’s schools.

The exact problems needing resolved are yet to be defined, but appear to deal with the “final mile” connections and wiring/device requirements within buildings.  Stay tuned on this issue

United Way Campaign gearing up

The agency United Way is gearing up.  Everyone should be thinking about their pledge levels for this important campaign. Stay tuned and think generously!

CareerTech professionals help Moore schools

On Aug. 12 CareerTech professionals once again helped support the efforts of Moore Public Schools. Communications professionals from the agency as well as a tech center assisted with news media as some 1,400 teachers and administrators from across the district gathered at Westmoore High School to kick off this school year. About 25 state and national news media representatives were at the event, press conference and tours of new school sites. (contributed by Paula Bowles)

Biotech success story

Here is another great story of a former Biomedical Science student from Red River Tech Center.  This story comes compliments of Becki Foster.

This is one of countless examples of students who thought “both-and.”  They combined high end academics with exceptional CareerTech coursework to be prepared to succeed in life.  Doing one or the other doesn’t create these kinds of successes!

National Security Agency conducted site visits in Oklahoma

Last week, the National Security Agency conducted a site visit in Oklahoma. This was part of their Center of Academic Excellence 2-Year (CAE2Y) program. Oklahoma's CareerTech system, Rose State College, and Oklahoma City Community College all have the CAE2Y designation. The national CAE2Y program manager conducted the site visit to discuss the changes being made in the program. Visits were made to Francis Tuttle, Portland; Central Tech, Drumright; Tulsa Tech Riverside; Rose State College and Oklahoma City Community College.  (contributed by Becki Foster)

OK, I’m finally over the golf outing loss.  Here are the winners

It took me a couple of weeks to get over the loss of the CareerTech Foundation Golf outing.  Some counseling sessions were just what was needed.  Here are the names of the winning teams.  Congratulations to all of the teams.  Wait for next year!!

A Flight:

1st - Ralph Perdue, Billy Newby, Paul Mode, Jay Matthews (Hamilton SC)
2nd - Mark Brown, John Thorpe, Charles Carroll, Jeff Vandever (Central TC)

B Flight:

1st - Matt Litterell, Mark Wilson, Blake McCrabb, Ken Yowell (BIS)
2nd - Brian Leaver, Larry Hawkins, Jeremiah Graham, Dennis Portis (Metro TC)

C Flight:

1st - Ken English, Matt Graves, Karen Thomas, Rig Thomas (Choctaw Nation)
2nd - Chuck Prucha, Roy Peters, John Lingenfelter, Mike Carolina (OK Manufacturing Alliance)

D Flight:

1st - Wade Walling, Wade Walling II, Gerald Harris, Colt Shaw (Northwest TC & Wes Watkins TC)
2nd - Terry Ingmire (Lobbyist), John Killiam, Les Love (Eskimo Joe's), Ron Killion (Teacher)

Schedule for the week

This schedule is subject to change without notice:


Meeting with State Superintendent and Chancellor

NGA meeting

Inasmuch Foundation meeting

General office work


Governor’s STEM Conference

Meeting with Amy Ford and Marcie Mack


Governor’s Cabinet meeting

Press conference (tentative)

Aerospace planning meeting

Marilyn and Jimmy Harrel 50th Anniversary (evening)


Meeting with Preston Doerflinger

OKC State of the Schools event

Meeting with Senator Jolley

Meeting on digital initiative

Friday - Saturday

Oklahoma State School Boards Association Conference


See you around!

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