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Monday Memo 2013-09-16

A word on the quote; common school superintendent’s advisory committee; United Way – get involved!; ACT® WorkKeys® incentive curriculum profiles; ag ed leadership moves on tech center pilot; the road less traveled on Oklahoma Horizon; Alternative Fuel Program; teacher shortage issue being discussed;
"No idea is so antiquated that it was not once modern. No idea is so modern that it will not someday be antiquated." -  Ellen Glasgowe

A word on the quote

This week’s quote has important implications for our system moving forward. The balance of honoring tradition with the need to stay ahead of the competition in a changing world is often a challenge.

According to research in the private sector, most companies can’t reach this balance, often fall to tradition and fail. We must work hard to be the system that struck the balance, moved forward, stayed relevant and brought real value to Oklahoma.

We must realize our forefathers were not traditionalists when they built the Oklahoma CareerTech system and they would be disappointed if we were today.

Francis Tuttle would have thought of brand new approaches for CareerTech, and he would have been bold enough to bring them about. How do I know? I’ve read the history of this great system, and the recurring theme was adapting to the needs of the great state of Oklahoma.

Change and advancement has served us well in the past, and it will serve us well moving forward.

Common school superintendent’s advisory committee

I had the privilege of meeting with a group of comprehensive school superintendents last week. The group consisted of Ann Caine, Derald Glover, David Goin, Hal Holt, Jeff Pritchard and Joe Siano. Steve Crawford, CCOSA, and Pat McGregor, OkACTE, also joined the group.

We discussed the overarching approach to our planning, including the strategic purposes and major processes. We also discussed some ideas we are exploring around performance data and field-agency relationships.

They provided great insights into the work we share. The group anticipates meeting quarterly. We are going to expand the group some to be sure the smaller schools are better represented and the Tulsa area has a presence.

United Way – get involved!

United Way makes a difference in our community. United Way is a tradition at the Oklahoma Department of CareerTech. I look forward to everyone in the agency and around the state engaging in the great work of United Way.

Stay tuned for fun activities, announcements and pledge cards. Give generously!

ACT® WorkKeys® Incentive Curriculum Profiles

To improve career major (program) retention and completion rates, students must have the skills necessary to master the curriculum.

WorkKeys® curriculum analysis uses the skill analysis portion of the profiling procedure to systematically develop results in two phases:

1. A curriculum review to consider the curriculum and the learning objectives critical to the completion of the career major.
2. A skill analysis that is used to identify the WorkKeys skills and skill levels expected upon entry into, and exit from, the career major.

The Department of CareerTech is offering a limited number of incentive curriculum profiles to technology centers and colleges that meet the criteria. The incentive curriculum profile criteria and application are online at Email inquiries to The deadline to apply is Friday, Dec. 20, 2013. (contributed by Becki Foster)

Ag Ed leadership moves on Tech Center pilot

Jack Staats and the agricultural education team at the agency are moving forward with a pilot horticulture program at Metro Tech this fall. The program exists and is led by a great agricultural education teacher.

This will be the first ever FFA chapter in a tech center. Jack and crew are moving forward with this pilot for several reasons.

  • Agriculture is one of the governor’s five economic ecosystems. Agricultural education needs to be supportive of this and bring the full resources of existing ag ed programs and the resources available at tech centers.
  • FFA can transform lives and urban youth deserve to have access to this great program. The horticulture program at Metro Tech already exists, and the addition of the FFA will make it even better.
  • The single pilot program will afford the agricultural education team to develop appropriate guidelines for the new program.

All of the reasons were presented by Jack Staats at a group of agricultural education leaders and interested stakeholders a little over a week ago. Jack did an excellent job explaining why this pilot is important to students and the future of agricultural education.

The road less traveled on Oklahoma Horizon

Women are breaking tradition as they pursue careers in welding.

This week on Oklahoma Horizon we feature two young women from Kiamichi Tech and Tri County Tech whose education is sparking a new career direction. Horizon airs statewide at 3 p.m. Sunday on OETA. (contributed by Karen Hart)

Alternative Fuel Program

Curriculum and Instructional Materials Center (CIMC) and Trade & Industrial Education (T&I) have worked with the state Alternative Fuel Program at the Office of Management and Enterprise Services to produce a training program for LPG (propane) technicians.

The training guide will be a primary content resource for training delivery and is based upon Oklahoma's 2013 curriculum standard for state-approved training programs.

CIMC has assembled a field-test draft of the training guide. Additional training guides dealing with alternative fuels such as CNG (compressed natural gas) are also being considered. (submitted by Craig Maile)

Teacher shortage issue being discussed

The Oklahoma Department of CareerTech is participating in the Education Workforce Shortage Task Force.

This group will examine the state of Oklahoma's education-related workforce and develop strategies for increasing Oklahoma's performance. Here's a summary of its report:

Schedule for the week

This schedule is subject to change without notice:


Town Hall meetings with agency staff
General office work


Performance measures advisory committee
Tech Center Superintendent’s meeting


Tech Center Superintendent’s meeting
Conference call with Russ Florence


Department of CareerTech board of directors meeting
Presentation to the Cultural Conference (CTEEC)
Travel to PIE conference (presentation in Boston)
General office work


PIE conference

Long term:

I will be on annual leave from Sept. 30 to Oct. 4.


See you around!

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