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Monday Memo 2013-09-23

United Way – get involved!; don’t be a Swiss watch maker; assessment quality designations changed for some; Day of Caring a success; fundraiser set for Oct. 7; CareerTech board meets; department earns innovation award; The ROI of Excellence: Investing In Your Future!; College Alliance challenges; Fall Forum set for business and entrepreneurial leaders; an unprecedented partnership on Oklahoma Horizon; and my schedule for the week.
Monday Memo 2013-09-23

CareerTech employees trimmed trees, built a fence at Edwin Fair Mental Health Center for Stillwater's 2013 United Way Day of Caring.

"If people only knew how hard I work to gain my mastery, it wouldn't seem so wonderful at all." – Michelangelo Buonarroti

United Way – get involved!

United Way makes a difference in our community. United Way is a tradition at the Oklahoma Department of CareerTech. I look forward to everyone in the agency and around the state engaging in the great work of United Way. Stay tuned for fun activities, announcements and pledge cards. Give generously!

Don’t be a Swiss watch maker

Digital watch technology changed the watch making business. It transformed what a watch could do, how much it cost, and how it was manufactured.

What digital watch technology didn’t do was reduce our ability to tell time with precision. In other words, the results were as good or better with digital technology than the old mechanical watches. There was no compromise in quality. In fact, quality and value of digital watches actually surpassed mechanical watches.

So why did the Swiss watch makers fail to engage this new technology and continue their legacy of great watch making?

Simple, they were so committed to their traditions around mechanical systems they simply could not accept a different approach to watch making. Their incredible commitment to practice over results cost them their livelihoods, their status in watch making…it cost them everything.

We are about to undertake changes in practice to assure quality CareerTech in ways that expand opportunities for students, improve our results and contain costs. The technology and program designs are available now to make these transformations. Many are actually the result of local Oklahoma CareerTech creativity.

Most of these changes will mean doing our work differently. We will have to decide which path we will take. Will we be Swiss watch makers or will be like Francis Tuttle and embrace change to achieve greater results?

Our choice decides our future. I’m proud of one of the early indications of our choice. Jack Staats and the Agricultural Education leaders in Oklahoma are changing practices in order to serve more students through Ag Ed and the FFA. They aren’t going to focus on tradition and watch the decline of these great programs.

Assessment quality designations changed for some

Each year, the ODCTE Assessment Approval Committee reviews assessments administered in CareerTech programs to determine if they meet A-F Report Card and Oklahoma State Department of Education transcripting guidelines.

All assessments qualifying for these designations must meet the following requirements:

  • Standardized with a formal process in place for validating test content and policies to ensure all students are tested consistently
  • Independently graded  Knowledge-based, rigorous and representative of at least 60 hours of instruction
  • Proctored in a secure environment or testing center using a process that prohibits instructor participation in the administration of the assessment. Specifically, instructors may not administer assessments, assist with proctoring the assessment or have access to test content at any time.
  • Recognized and/or endorsed by an industry organization, association or government agency.

Due to recent changes in some industry administration procedures, several assessments have been re-classified this year. Assessments failing to maintain the guidelines listed above will no longer meet A-F Report Card requirements, however, these assessments continue to be excellent indicators of student knowledge.

Because our process allows us to re-visit assessments' classifications until April 1of the current school year, we will continue to monitor these assessments' policies and reclassify them when appropriate.

For a complete explanation of the guidelines related to assessments administered in CareerTech programs, visit: Oklahoma CareerTech Testing Guidelines (contributed by Kimberly Sadler)

Day of caring a success

Fourteen Oklahoma Department of CareerTech staff members took time off from work Thursday to lend a hand during the 2013 Stillwater Day of Caring and make sure that Everyone Counts.

The Day of Caring kicks off the Stillwater United Way Campaign every year. Participants gathered for breakfast and watched the new campaign video before heading out into the community. Numerous organizations sponsor the event and approximately 350 people volunteer each year.

“We so appreciate CareerTech’s involvement with our annual Day of Caring,” said Sheri Carter, Stillwater United Way executive director. “Career Tech has provided a team almost every year since this event began here in Stillwater back in 1996 and has completed projects at a number of our United Way partner agencies. It is especially humbling to know that the CareerTech employees use personal vacation time to volunteer at Day of Caring.”

This year, CareerTech employees trimmed trees and built a wooden fence at Edwin Fair Mental Health Center. In years past, CareerTech teams have served at Payne County Youth Services, Wings of Hope and other locations in Stillwater. (contributed by Jeremy Zweiacker)

Fundraiser set for Oct. 7

CareerTech employees annually hold a campaign to raise money in support of Stillwater Area United Way. The CareerTech campaign will kick off Oct. 7.

CareerTech board meets

The CareerTech Board today approved personnel actions, including the mid-year personnel report, and had discussions about Carver Governance, the system assessment and appropriations requests. Todd Hiett, Kellyville, also was sworn in as an at-large board member. (contributed by Paula B. Bowles)

Department earns innovation award

The National Association for Career Pathways Leadership has announced that the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education has been chosen to receive the 2013 NACPL Innovation in Career Pathways National Award. Oklahoma is being recognized for the unique and innovative components of Career Pathways implemented through the “Moving Oklahoma from Programs of Study to Rigorous Programs of Study” initiative. This initiative indicates a commitment to the goal of supporting student achievement through RPOS. (contributed by Jeremy L Zweiacker)

The ROI of Excellence: Investing In Your Future!

The Oklahoma Quality Foundation is hosting this best practice sharing event at the Cox Convention Center on Nov. 8 from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

This one-day event is intended to provide you opportunities to learn best practices from other companies and organizations that are widely considered to be role models in their respective industries.

Take a look at our exciting line-up of speakers and topics...this is a MUST DO event!

Click here to register today! Registration is $225 through Nov. 1, 2013 and includes a seat at our luncheon event.

College Alliance challenges

Becki Foster and Joe Robinson are working through the challenges we are experiencing with the very successful Cooperative Alliance program. The complexities of the higher education accreditation process and federal requirements regarding student loans appear to be at the core of the challenges. The Board of Regents and we are working on solutions.

Fall Forum set for business, entrepreneurial leaders

The Business and Entrepreneurial Services Fall Forum is scheduled Oct. 10, 8:30 am-3:30 pm at Francis Tuttle Technology Center, Rockwell Campus, OKC.

The forum will feature presentations by Timothy D. Jeffcoat, deputy district director for the U.S. Small Business Administration and 2012 National Young Entrepreneur of the Year and Mark Masters, CEO of Chloeta Fire, LLC.

All technology center employees who work in business and entrepreneurial services programs, business development programs, self-employment training, small business management, management development groups and incubators are encouraged to attend.

The cost is $15 per person. The registration deadline is Oct. 3 at 5 p.m.

Contact Andrea Bradley (405.743.5572) for additional registration information or assistance. (contributed by David R. Jinks)

An unprecedented partnership on Oklahoma Horizon

Oklahoma's energy industry is booming. This week on Oklahoma Horizon we look at how a partnership between Tri County Technology Center and the Osage Nation is bringing 600 new jobs to the state.

Horizon airs statewide at 3 p.m. Sunday on OETA. (contributed by Karen Hart)

Schedule for the week

This schedule is subject to change without notice:


Governor’s Policy Advisors Conference – New Orleans


Governor’s Policy Advisors Conference – New Orleans


Meeting with Chancellor Glen Johnson and Superintendent Barresi
Governor’s Cabinet meeting
Conference call
Senior leadership meeting


All staff gathering – Atrium
Healthcare Workforce Center meeting
Presentation at the Oklahoma Board of Regents
Office of Educational Quality and Accountability Board meeting


Presentation on blended learning
Meeting with Jim Stone, director, National Center for Career-Technical Education Research

Monday through Friday, Sept. 30 – Oct. 4

Annual leave


See you around!

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