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Monday Memo 2013-10-14

Great conference – consider attending; 2013 CareerTech Hall of Fame Banquet; State Chamber helps agency gauge business satisfaction; why tough teachers get results; first community tour event a success; new from CIMC: Career Focus STEM Careers Career; a great example of CareerTech and college success; doctors in rural Oklahoma; continued work on the Metro Tech pilot; and my schedule for the week.
Monday Memo 2013-10-14

When cancer hit close to home, Central Tech's biomedical program graduate, Ricky Shriner, decided to hit back. He is now a plant and biochemistry major at Oklahoma State University to become a cancer researcher.

“We are not what we know but what we are willing to learn.” – Mary Catherine Bateson

Great conference – consider attending

This year’s Oklahoma Quality Conference is titled “ROI of Excellence: Investing in Your Future.” The conference will include a special session on education. The event is at the Cox Convention Center from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Nov. 8.

Put it on your calendar.

We are going to be using Baldrige principles to guide our statewide continuous improvement efforts. This conference will provide a great starter experience for everyone interested in more information.

2013 CareerTech Hall of Fame Banquet

We have a great lineup for this year’s CareerTech Hall of Fame Banquet. I encourage each of you to attend this great event. This is our opportunity to recognize the great leaders who have made Oklahoma CareerTech what it is today.

Here are the details:

Date: Wednesday, Nov. 6
Time: Reception, 6 p.m. Banquet/Inductions, 7 p.m.
Location: OSU Conoco-Phillips Alumni Center
Cost: $55
2013 inductees: Harold Anglin, Frank Coulter (posthumously), Norman Filtz, Kay Martin, Dwight Stoddard

For tickets, contact Lisa Eden.

State Chamber helps agency gauge business satisfaction

We asked the state chamber to complete a business satisfaction survey for us. We jointly created the survey, and it was sent out from the chamber last week. We look forward to getting the results back from the chamber. This is a great benchmarking opportunity to assure we are aligned with business needs.

Why Tough Teachers Get Results

Here is a great article about the value of teachers who set high standards, don’t let students compromise, and worry more about long term self-esteem than short term self-esteem.

Why Tough Teachers Get Results


First community tour event a success

We had a great day in the Enid/Autry Tech Center area Friday. The day was full of meetings with great business and education leaders. The message was clear. We need a new approach to thinking about education for young people and business. Here are some of the key messages I came away with:

  1. Our plan for career development will help business, students and parents get a better connection with how to assure great jobs get filled. Business wants to hire, but we need students with high academics AND technical skills.
  2. College debt isn’t necessary. Nearly every business leader said they would pay for college if a student came to them with strong academic and technical skills necessary to get their work done. One legislator correctly noted, “This is our new scholarship program!” Get college-level academics and an industry credential in high school, get a great job to advance our economy, and start college loan-free.
  3. Manufacturing jobs are great jobs with great work environments. The work is rewarding and challenging. The pay is tremendous and the long-term growth options are strong.
  4. Educators are anxious to learn how to use educational innovations to create both-and educational opportunities.

A local news article for the event can be found here.

New from CIMC: Career Focus STEM Careers Career

Focus STEM Careers Edition is a new career exploration and preparation guide created by CIMC. This full-color magazine combines essential career guidance with web activities and skill builder opportunities to help prepare students for college and career opportunities.

Articles include:

  • Identifying Possible STEM Careers
  • Highest Pay in STEM
  • STEM Careers You Might Not Have Thought About
  • Individual Career Plans, Career Clusters and Pathways
  • Online Tools for Career Planning and Preparation
  • Getting Ready for College
  • Finding Job Opportunities
  • Managing Your Digital Dirt
  • Strategies for Networking
  • Career Myths and Realities
  • CareerTech Champions in Science
  • Technology, Engineering, Mathematics
    (contributed by Kimberly Sadler)

A great example of CareerTech and college success

Here is a great video on how a biotech experience at Central Tech Center turned into a great college experience and career opportunities: Striking back at Cancer. It is just one of many examples. (Contributed by Becki Foster)

Doctors in rural Oklahoma

This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we look at how Oklahoma FFA is working with the OSU Center for Health Services to attract young people into rural medical care. Horizon airs statewide at 3 p.m. Sunday on OETA. (contributed by Karen Hart)

Continued work on the Metro Tech pilot

Jack Staats and members of his team are traveling this week to see agricultural education programs in action within tech centers. Based on feedback from several legislators, we are also forming a diverse task force to really review the best way to move forward with this effort.

Questions regarding the best way to advance rules and agreements were raised, and the task force will be well-positioned to resolve any concerns. The task force will make sure all concerned are assured their issues are heard and addressed.

Schedule for the week

This schedule is subject to change without notice:


Community tour – High Plains Tech Center Region
Bricktown Rotary - presentation


Meeting with Caitlin Olson – STEM
Conference call with Bill Jackson, Great Schools
Meeting with Greg Winters and Pat McGregor
Tech Center Superintendents meeting on legislative plans
Business Roundtable - OKC


Meeting with Lynn Hardin
Governor’s cabinet meeting
Senior Leadership meeting
Meeting with Brandon Baumgarten (National FFA officer candidate)
Horizon interview


CareerTech board meeting
Meeting with Frank Wong
Meeting with Scott Smith
Tour of Hearts for Hearing Clinic
Meeting with Jim Hopper


Non-work day

See you around!

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