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Monday Memo 2013-10-21

FCCLA state officer dies in car accident; opportunities in Woodward explored; America Works launches in Connecticut; 2013 CareerTech Hall of Fame banquet; Oklahoma energy producers are leading a national energy revolution; Moore Norman collaborates with Tinker and Boeing on new program; Metro Tech and Elite Protection form symbiotic relationship; tech center superintendents engage in legislative proposal development; state board reviews CareerTech assessment results, business plan, and legislative approaches; United Way auction earns $3,000 for the cause; and my schedule for the week.
Monday Memo 2013-10-21

Woodward’s Chamber of Commerce Education Day featured speaker was State CareerTech Director Robert Sommers during the second of 29 community tours.

"What is important is to keep learning, to enjoy challenge, and to tolerate ambiguity. In the end there are no certain answers."– Matina Horner

FCCLA state officer dies in car accident

Heather Hickman, FCCLA vice-president, died Saturday in a multi-car crash in Grady County. According to news sources, the accident was the result of another driver rear ending Heather’s truck, which was stopped for a left turn. The accident occurred in the afternoon under normal conditions. This is a tragic loss to Heather’s family, the Dibble community and our FCCLA officer team. Heather was 18 years old and an active, well-liked community leader. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family in their time of grief.

Opportunities in Woodward explored

The second community tour in Woodward was a great opportunity to hear from education, business and community leaders about education and workforce challenges. Listening sessions with school superintendents confirmed the message that educators are eager to learn how to use innovations to create both-and education opportunities. The Economic Development Foundation stressed the importance of preparing a workforce pipeline and I saw first-hand the good work being accomplished at the Ft. Supply Skills Centers. I was honored to be the featured speaker at the Woodward Chamber of Commerce Education Day, where all branches of education were highlighted. A big thank you to Dwight Hughes and the staff at High Plains Tech Center for coordinating this event.

America Works launches in Connecticut

Gov. Mary Fallin this week will hold the first of three national meetings about her National Governor’s Association initiative, “America Works,” in Connecticut. The event will be attended by teams from several states interested in how to advance their education-workforce linkages. Additional meetings will be held in Santa Fe, NM and Oklahoma City.

2013 CareerTech Hall of Fame Banquet

We have a great lineup for this year’s CareerTech Hall of Fame Banquet. I encourage each of you to attend this great event. This is our opportunity to recognize the great leaders who have made Oklahoma CareerTech what it is today. Here are the details:

Date: Wednesday, Nov. 6
Reception, 6 p.m.; Banquet/Inductions, 7 p.m.
Location: OSU Conoco-Phillips Alumni Center
Cost: $55
2013 inductees: Harold Anglin, Frank Coulter (posthumously), Norman Filtz, Kay Martin, Dwight Stoddard

For tickets, contact Lisa Eden.

Oklahoma energy producers are leading a national energy revolution

New technology and drilling techniques spearheaded by Oklahoma producers have forever altered our national energy landscape. Next week on Oklahoma Horizon, we examine the role education is playing to fit the needs of an industry being driven by innovation. (contributed by Rob McClendon)

Moore Norman collaborates with Tinker and Boeing on new program

Moore Norman Tech Center initiated an inaugural engineering technician program recently and the majority of students were connected to Tinker. Not unexpected, because Tinker and other business leaders were involved in creating the new program. The program is specifically designed to meet industry workforce needs while assuring participants are flexible in their employment options.

The following is a detailed article about the successful launch.

Metro Tech and Elite Protection form symbiotic relationship

Six months ago, Metro Tech Adult Instructional Coordinator James Guerrero made contact with Shane McBroom, owner of Elite Protection Services. They formed a partnership in which McBroom sends new hires to Metro Tech for training and in turn, Metro Tech advertises job openings for them. The partnership between Metro Tech and Elite has grown and evolved. In the upcoming course schedule, Elite has an ad which states “you are guaranteed an interview with Elite Protection Security when you complete Phases 1, 2 and 4 Security Officer courses with Metro Technology Centers.”

To date, at least 30 Metro Tech students have gained employment with Elite, and Elite has sent more than 50 new hires to Metro Tech for training. Due to Elite’s employment needs, Metro Tech and Elite have also partnered with Moore Norman Technology to meet their high demand. (contributed by Elaine Stith at request of Matt Litterell)

Tech center superintendents engage in legislative proposal development

The first of a series of meetings with tech center superintendents regarding the Department of CareerTech’s legislative agenda was held last week. Input from the meeting will be incorporated into the legislative ask and the communications plans for the work. The group heard about various proposals, but spent most of their time on the career development proposal and the performance-based funding proposal. Additionally, discussions were held on academic enhancement programs, modification of the work and family studies program and additional attention to career readiness programs, especially around STEM careers. Meetings with common school superintendents are in process as well.

State board reviews CareerTech assessment results, business plan, and legislative approaches

The State Board of Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education reviewed the final assessment document for the CareerTech System. They were especially interested in the results section and used this information to poise questions regarding the emerging business plan, system budget and legislative asks. Significant discussions were held regarding the business plan, budget options and legislative efforts. The discussions centered around key information needed by the board to determine acceptability of the plans and thoughts regarding who should be engaged to help support the efforts.

United Way auction earns $3,000 for the cause

Thanks to all the bidders in the agency for their support of this year’s United Way auction. The auction earned $3,000 for the cause. Personally, I look forward to getting a pie a month from my successful bid!

Schedule for the week

This schedule is subject to change without notice:


General office work Conference call with Campus Safety Committee Meeting with Governor on event planning


America Works National Meeting - Connecticut


America Works National Meeting – Connecticut
Senior leadership planning meeting - Tulsa


Senior leadership planning meeting - Tulsa


Senior leadership planning meeting - Tulsa
Meeting with Tulsa area superintendents

See you around!

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