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Monday Memo 2013-10-28

Department reorganization plan unveiled; organizational plan overview; steps with target completion dates for the reorganization process; feedback and ideas you may have for the reorganization; great conference – consider attending; Creativity Forum coming to Oklahoma City; and my schedule for the week.
"Believe that you can do it, under any circumstances. Because if you believe you can, then you really will. That belief just keeps you searching for the answers, then pretty soon you get it." – Wally "Famous" Amos

Department reorganization plan unveiled

The Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education’s senior leadership spent most of their annual retreat crafting a new organizational structure for the department. The structure aligns to the board-approved strategic purposes and the system-developed major processes. It is a straightforward structure designed to keep intense focus on student performance and process quality.

A detailed memo went to all agency staff today with an explanation of how the structure will be fleshed out, how staff members can engage in selecting their roles in the aligned work and the anticipated timeline for implementation.

Once planning is completed, the proposed reorganization will be presented to the board for approval. Preliminary review by the board will be a part of the November meeting with a possible vote.

Organizational plan overview

The following is a top-level overview of the new proposed organizational structure. It anticipates reallocation of current resources to accomplish the new work required to align our work with the Oklahoma economic ecosystems; the governor’s focus on increasing CareerTech credentials and college degrees; and the efforts related to helping youth and adults make informed career choices and be prepared for those choices.

As we move forward with the full planning of this work, some changes may occur. Board approval may be contingent upon adjustments as well. Stay tuned as we work through this process.

State board – responsible for system governance including establishing performance expectations and executive limitations.

State director – Robert Sommers – overall responsibility for leading the senior leadership team and ultimately responsible for system performance, ethics, value communication, action alignment and organizational sustainability.

Executive administrative assistant – Sharon Schonthaler – responsible for board documents, director support management and senior leadership team meeting support.

Assistant attorney general – Glen Hammonds – assigned legal counsel from the attorney general.

Deputy state director – Marcie Mack – designee in the absence of the state director and leader of the Division of Innovation, Quality, and Research. This division will be responsible for the following major processes: strategic planning, information management, human resources, research and innovation, system quality control and technology support services.

Division of Career Preparation and Customized Services – Greg Dewald – this division is responsible for linking CareerTech programming to the Oklahoma economic ecosystems and is responsible for following strategic purposes: career preparation and enhancement and customized training and consulting.

Division of Career Development and Readiness – Becki Foster – this division will be responsible for the following strategic purposes: career development, career readiness and work and family studies. Additionally, this division is responsible for the following major process: student support services.

Division of Academic Enhancement – Matt Litterell – this division will be responsible for the following strategic purpose: academic enhancement including integrated, digital and personalized learning strategies.

Division of Marketing and Customer Relations – Paula Bowles – this division will be responsible for the following major processes: customer and stakeholder focus and marketing.

Division of Partnerships and System Alignment – Joe Robinson – this division will be responsible for the following major processes: regulatory oversight, supply-chain management (linkages between other education systems) and partnerships.

Division of Curriculum and Assessment – Kimberly Sadler – this division will be responsible for the following major processes: standards and assessments and instructional design and traditional/digital delivery.

Division of Finance – Jim Aulgur – this division will be responsible for the following major processes: financial, facilities, equipment, transportation, and grounds, and safety and security

Steps with target completion dates for the reorganization process

The following are the key steps we will be completing as we fully flesh out the proposed reorganization, including board approval. We expect to make the final transition in January 2014.

  1. Senior leaders assigned to the new responsibilities will create their new PMPs (state-required human resource documents) by Oct. 30. Their new PMPs will include strategic purposes and/or major process responsibilities assigned to each leader.
  2. Senior leaders will allocate FTE to the new division structure and confirm the preliminary location of current work in the new structure. This will be completed by Oct. 30.
  3. On October 31, information will be provided to staff so they can identify areas of interest. The goal is to connect employee interests with organizational needs. This will be completed by Nov. 6.
  4. Senior leaders will meet to make final division staffing allocations. Every attempt will be made to place staff in positions of interest; organizational needs will prevail where conflicts arise, however. This will be completed by Nov. 13.
  5. Board approval of the reorganization will be sought at the November 14 board meeting.
  6. Assuming board approval, the senior leaders will work with staff to organize their respective divisions. This will be completed by Dec. 12.
  7. The organizational transition will be effective Jan. 1, 2014 with complete transition by June 30, 2014. Additional key points regarding the reorganization

The following are important points regarding the restructuring.

These aren’t immediately apparent in the brief overview presented above.

  1. The student organizations (such as SkillsUSA, FFA, etc.) are critical to our success. Their operation will be assured through the organizational and planning process.
  2. All reorganization will be completed within current budgeted staff positions. Work assignments will be created that provide manageable workloads. Some current work will be downsized or jettisoned to make room for the new work envisioned in the organizational structure.
  3. When completed, all staff positions will be responsible for one or more performance measures. These measures will be either driven by a strategic purpose or a major process. These will be aligned systemwide.

Feedback and ideas you may have for the reorganization

Everyone is encouraged to share ideas regarding the reorganization and the process for the system’s transition. While substantial work went into the planning for this transition and new organization, additional thoughts may further refine and improve the final result. If you have specific thoughts, please share them with your current senior leader or with Marcie Mack. She will compile and share thoughts from the field as well.

Great conference – consider attending

This year’s Oklahoma Quality Conference is titled “ROI of Excellence: Investing in Your Future.” The conference will include a special session on education. The event is at the Cox Convention Center from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Nov. 8. Put it on your calendar. We are going to be using Baldrige principles to guide our statewide continuous improvement efforts. This conference will provide a great starter experience for everyone interested in more information.

Creativity Forum coming to Oklahoma City

Don’t forget to check out the Creativity Conference Nov. 19 in Oklahoma City. Details can be found at

Schedule for the week

This schedule is subject to change without notice:

Monday – Friday

My mother passed away on Saturday and I will be attending funeral arrangements, funeral and other family matters this week. I anticipate keeping conference call schedules.

See you around!

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