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Monday Memo 2014-03-31

America Works a success; what is the role of leadership?; prohibition of agricultural education and the FFA in tech centers; Commerce determines the top 100 occupations driving Oklahoma prosperity; OBAN a major support for small Oklahoma businesses; college credit for CareerTech students; agency staff gaining Baldrige knowledge; and my schedule for the week.
There is no such thing as bad accurate data. – Robert Sommers

America Works a success

The governor’s National Governors Association America Works event last week was a success. Great ideas, momentum to improve and partnerships are some of the top results of discussions and presentations provided at the three-day event. The following are some of the more important areas that still need attention:

  • Operationalizing the Oklahoma vision of creating wealth for all.
  • Converting operational approaches to governance that focus on results instead of operational acronyms.
  • Aligning programs and services to the needs of individuals and companies.

What is the role of leadership?

Leadership has many roles, but one is to push for improvement and innovation. Simply put, leadership has a responsibility to replace current practice with better practice. Our agency staff members are learning about the importance of improving practice. Here is a quote from one of your outstanding staff members:

A good craftsman always looks at his work with an appraising eye. This allows him to continually make changes that improve his/her product and production. – Joe Mode

Prohibition of agricultural education and the FFA in tech centers

The state CareerTech board approved a rule that prohibits agricultural education and the FFA from operating in a tech center or be operated by a tech center in a regular high school. This rule was requested by the agricultural education community.

Commerce determines the top 100 occupations driving Oklahoma prosperity

Commerce has identified a set of 100 critical occupations. We have created a career major crosswalk and have found the following:

  • CareerTech provides career ladders and career majors that lead to 79 of Oklahoma’s 100 critical occupations.
  • CareerTech provides career ladders to 37 of the 100 critical occupations that require associate, bachelor’s or advanced degrees.
  • CareerTech offers career majors that provide pathways to 42 of the 100 critical occupations that require postsecondary or on-the-job training.

OBAN a major support for small Oklahoma businesses

The Oklahoma Bid Assistance Network works with businesses throughout the state to assist them in identifying and securing federal contracts. In the last fiscal year, OBAN assisted clients who secured $149,312,635 in federal contract awards.

College credit for CareerTech students

Through cooperative alliances, the Oklahoma CareerTech system works closely with the regents, universities and colleges throughout the state to build career pathways that lead to college education. In 2012, CareerTech students enrolled in cooperative alliance programs earned 76,370 college credit hours.

Agency staff gaining Baldrige knowledge

Alice Rushmore and Dawn Lindsley, ODCTE staff in the Innovation, Research and Quality Division, were selected to be members of the 2014 Board of Examiners for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. The board provides advice and guidance to the Baldrige Panel of Judges in selecting national award recipients. Their duties will include completing an independent review and a consensus review of an application and possibly participating in a site visit. In addition to these responsibilities, board members contribute significantly by serving as ambassadors for the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program. The program – which provides value to U.S. organizations and the nation’s economy at a benefit-to-cost ratio of at least 820 to 1 – owes much of its success to the excellence of those who serve as examiners. Serving as an examiner helps in the national effort to enhance the competitiveness, quality and productivity of U.S. organizations.

Schedule for the week

This schedule is subject to change without notice:


General office work
Press conference on common school funding
General office work


National Association of CareerTech State Directors meeting


Meeting with Steelcase on personalized blended learning


Meeting with Chancellor Glen Johnson, Supt. Janet Barresi and Secretary Larry Parman
Meeting with Battelle for Kids
Workforce System Partners’ meeting


Governor’s Council for Economic and Workforce Development
Family, Career and Community Leaders of America conference
Meeting with the State Department of Education


See you around!

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