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Monday Memo 2014-04-28

New state CareerTech board member appointed; Can we be exceptional?; Health students hold state leadership conference; FCCLA leadership development planned and moving; Oklahoma competes in First Robotics World Championship; CareerTech public relations leaders earn accolades; Computers provided through state/foundation partnership; CareerTech annexations continue; CareerTech graduate from Bartlesville earns national spotlight; and my schedule for the week.
Monday Memo 2014-04-28

HOSA students at the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Walk

“Does your focus on quality hang on the walls or walk in the halls?” (from the National Baldrige Conference, 2014)

New state CareerTech board member appointed

Gov. Mary Fallin has appointed Tim Burg, Shawnee, to the Oklahoma State Board of Career and Technology Education. Tim has experience in CareerTech and is very active in regional economic development. Congratulations to Tim on his appointment. Tim replaces Todd Hiett, who is taking on other substantial public service responsibilities.

Can we be exceptional?

Actually, anyone can be exceptional, but very few organizations are interested. According to some estimates, 90 percent of all organizations, public or private, are satisfied with being adequate. They don’t even have the desire to seek exceptional. Their clients and customers suffer because of their lack of desire to be the very best.

American exceptionalism is what made us the greatest country in the world. Have we turned our back on this drive for excellence? Hopefully not. We haven’t at the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education.

We have begun the journey to being exceptional. It will take effort and time. We won’t be perfect in our execution. We will engage everyone in the effort. We will make exceptional our focus. We know we will be better able to serve our schools and, in turn, our students because of our effort.

We all got into education to make a difference. Why not make the biggest difference possible? We hope others will join our quest for exceptional service.

CareerTech for Vets

CareerTech for Vets will host Operation College Promise Certificate for Veterans Service Providers Program May 28-30 in Oklahoma City. The conference is designed to give educators the knowledge and resources they need to help veterans be successful in education as they transition out of the military. Workshops will include an update on the Post-9/11 GI Bill, a primer on military culture and a student veterans panel. For more details and to register to attend, go to (contributed by Amy Ewing-Holmstrom)

Health students hold state leadership conference

Oklahoma HOSA held its annual State Leadership Conference April 8-10, with a record number of attendees. More than 2,615 HOSA students, advisers and guests spent three days attending general and award sessions and professional development breakout sessions, competing in more than 57 competitive events and participating in the first National Service Project Walk. This year, Oklahoma HOSA raised more than $7,500 for Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Winners from SLC will be traveling to Orlando, Fla., in June to participate in the 37th HOSA National Leadership Conference. (contributed by Debbie Bennett)

FCCLA leadership development planned and moving

FCCLA’s tagline is the “Ultimate Leadership Experience.” Oklahoma FCCLA is seeking to do that by connecting each piece of the leadership training offered to members. The new state officer team started the process this week with training presented by Ryan Underwood and Brittani Parker of TriLeadership. Officers set goals, started on their program of work and developed workshops that will be taught to district officers. District officer training will be the second step in the process of connecting together the leadership training pieces. The final step will happen this fall when district officers will cascade the leadership workshops to chapter officers at the newly developed Lead Conferences. Chapter officers will be challenged to “Be, Know and Do” – be a leader, know your role and do your part. (contributed by Denise Morris, state FCCLA adviser)

WorkKeys efforts move forward in the health field

The Academic Enhancement team in collaboration with the Health Career Education team at ODCTE is having the first statewide WorkKeys® curriculum profile completed on the health careers core curriculum. The WorkKeys curriculum profile includes a report providing the client with specific criteria linked to the program. The results provide information that can help guide students into appropriate training programs and encourage skill development for those students whose skills do not match the levels needed. The curriculum profile will be used for instructional and appropriate career major placement and cannot be used for exclusionary purposes. The WorkKeys levels for entry into and exit from health careers core curriculum will be defined. Technology centers across the state with health careers core curriculum will be able to use the WorkKeys curriculum profile.

Oklahoma competes in First Robotics World Championship

More than 10,000 high school students and 400 teams from the United States and 17 countries attended the First Robotics Competition World Championship in St. Louis, Mo. Each Oklahoma team was in one of four competitive divisions of 100 teams each and ranked as follows: Gordon Cooper Technology Center-Shawnee, 51st; Bixby High School, 97th; Tulsa Memorial High School, 92nd; Liao Robotics, 90th; and Green Country Technology Center (rookie team), 86th. Lane Matheson from Tulsa Memorial (pre-engineering PLTW teacher) won the National Woodie Flowers Award, which is presented to an outstanding mentor in the robotics competition who best leads, inspires, teaches and empowers their team using excellent communication skills. This is the first time an Oklahoma team coach has won a National Woodie Flowers Award.
The Gordon Cooper Tech Center team won the Industrial Safety Award sponsored by Underwriters Laboratories. The award celebrates the team that progresses beyond safety fundamentals by using innovative ways to eliminate or protect against hazards. The team also won pit safety recognition for Thursday. Green Country Tech Center (rookie team) won pit safety recognition for Friday.

In addition, the Oklahoma FLL team “Baking Soda Volcano” from Oklahoma City placed 28th in robot performance out of 80 FLL teams in attendance. (contributed by Becki Foster)

CareerTech public relations leaders earn accolades

At the 2014 Oklahoma School Public Relations Associations conference last week, ODCTE staff members were recognized during the Publication and Communications Awards banquet. Awards of Excellences were given for Oklahoma CareerTech Student Bookmarks, STEM Education Banners and the 2012 Annual Report. An Award of Merit was given for the “Profiled? ... It Pays” brochure.

Public relations and marketing professionals from outside Oklahoma judged entries on creativity, originality and unique approaches to problem-solving and school communications. (contributed by Paula Bowles)

Computers provided through state/foundation partnership

On April 30, CareerTech and the state of Oklahoma will give donated laptop computers to 13 technology centers, colleges and universities to use with veterans and military-related individuals. The Cristina Foundation,, donated the computers so Oklahoma schools could give veterans and military-related individuals access to technology in education. Read more about the donation and distribution ceremony at

CareerTech annexations continue

The Oklahoma State Board of Career and Technology Education at its regular meeting Thursday approved resolutions for elections to be called in Noble and Blaine counties for annexations of Frontier School District to Meridian Technology Center and a portion of Okeene School District to Chisholm Trail Technology Center. The board also heard results of the successful annexation election of Dover School District to Chisholm Trail and the unsuccessful annexation election of Medford School District to Autry Technology Center. The board also discussed legislative activities and the state director evaluation. (contributed by Paula Bowles)

CareerTech graduate from Bartlesville earns national spotlight

Tri County Technology Center medicine and bioscience student Gloria Tso was selected as a delegate to the 52nd annual United States Senate Youth Program, which was March 8-15 in Washington, D.C. Tso and Ryan Chapman of Norman were the Oklahoma students chosen from across the state to be part of the group of 104 student delegates who attended the program's annual Washington Week, according to an announcement from Sens. James M. Inhofe and Tom Coburn. Read more about it at

Schedule for the week

This schedule is subject to change without notice:


Non-work day


Senior leadership meeting
Tour of KIPP with legislators and governor


Legislative briefing
Meeting with Mary Melon
Meeting with Preston Doerflinger
Meeting with Jake Yunker
State FFA Convention


Meeting with Tulsa Tech strategic planning consultant
Conference call with SREB
General office work
Conversation on Education with selected individuals from the field


General office work

See you around!

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