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Monday Memo 2014-05-05

Getting excited about “bad news” is the first step; Dawn Lindsley earns Baldrige Examiner status; disconnect between education and the workplace; certification offered to CT professionals; and my schedule for the week.
“The power of imagination makes us infinite.” – John Muir

Getting excited about “bad news” is the first step

A state agency person noted how aggressive the national Baldrige Award winners were about going to other people’s sessions and taking notes at the recent National Baldrige Award Conference. Why would national winners be interested in new innovation and further improvement? After all, they were already recognized as the best in the country!

My father showed cattle. When he started his showing career he didn’t do well (according to Mom, as I was too young to remember.). When he got the gate, he would return his cow to the show barn and run in to see who won. He studied winners and, in turn, became one of the most consistent show ring winners in Ohio and nationally. Oddly, he never stopped going to see cattle better than his. Even as he dominated the show ring he was hungry to find better genetics.

These examples describe a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. In such a culture, it is exciting to find performance challenges. Failures aren’t to be avoided; they are to be documented, analyzed and used to drive organizational improvement. Comparison with better organizations isn’t an embarrassment; it is an opportunity to set new, higher standards. The goal of leadership isn’t to brag; it is to discover shortcomings and correct them.

This is a critical first step in the journey to greatness: accepting that our system isn’t the best it can be and seek information that shows where better resides.

Dawn Lindsley earns Baldrige Examiner status

Congratulations to Dawn Lindsley for earning her Baldrige Examiner status. This is the black belt level of innovation and continuous improvement capacity. We appreciate Dawn’s commitment to earning this very difficult status. Stay tuned for great work from her.

Disconnect between education and the workplace

The May 11 episode of “Oklahoma Horizon” discovers that some of the best careers can be found in the skills gap between white and blue collar jobs. Jobs in the STEM fields are going unfilled because of a lack of skilled applicants. Students in SkillsUSA hope to bridge that gap and fill those jobs. (contributed by Karen Hart)

Certification offered to CT professionals

CareerTech’s Career and Academic Connections Division has partnered with Oklahoma State University to offer the Global Career Development Facilitator Certification to CareerTech professionals.

GCDF is an industry recognized credential developed through the National Career Development Association. The association provides career development background, theory, methods and models as well assessment tools to professionals in the career development field. The certification provides staff with the knowledge and skills needed to help students make informed career decisions.

The course is offered each fall through OSU’s Department of Career Services. In partnership with Career Services, CareerTech will offer this training as a professional development option at no cost to qualified staff. The GCDF eLearning course is a 124-hour curriculum that prepares individuals to work in any career development setting. One hundred hours of computer instructional learning and 24 hours of face-to-face classroom instructional learning make up the course.

If you have any questions about the program or would like to enroll, contact Roberta Douglas at 405-743-5425 or email to

For more details on the class, including the scholarship application visit: Global Career Development Facilitator Scholarship Application.

Schedule for the week

This schedule is subject to change without notice:


Non-work day


Senior leadership meeting


Legislative debrief
Meeting on AP results from Board of Regents
Workforce Partners Conference
Meeting on STEM


Meeting with Tim Burg
Meeting with tech center superintendents


“Horizon” taping
General office work

See you around!

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