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Monday Memo 2014-07-28

Board selects Marcie Mack as interim director; Oklahoma SkillsUSA is strong national competitor; video describes the workforce issues of today and tomorrow – CareerTech is key; creativity resource available; special education training offered; natural gas assessment support offered; Agency staff to serve on Baldrige Board of Examiners; and my schedule for the week.
“I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be.”– Groucho Marx

Board selects Marcie Mack as interim director

Marcie Mack will be the interim state director. The board approved her appointment to this position and clearly articulated its desire to keep CareerTech moving forward under her leadership. Specifically, board members confirmed the director’s 2014-15 goals as the interim director’s goals. These goals include improvement of strategic purpose performance results, budget attainment and system quality initiatives including continued focus on Baldrige-based continuous improvement initiatives, performance system enhancement, system workforce engagement strategies and information management systems.

The following is information provided to the media:

Marcie began working at the department in July 2013 and has been instrumental in coordinating continuous improvement efforts for the system and other major initiatives, including the revamping of the data system. Marcie has led staff to focus on improving service to our customers in remarkable ways. Marcie previously served as assistant superintendent at Autry Technology Center, one of the 29 technology centers within the CareerTech System. For more than 19 years, she worked at Autry Technology Center, serving in various capacities including support, instruction, information systems and administration. Marcie has been involved in various community organizations and served in various leadership roles within local and state organizations.

She earned a doctorate in educational administration and leadership from Oklahoma State University, where she also completed her master’s degree in telecommunications management and a bachelor’s degree in education.

Oklahoma SkillsUSA is strong national competitor

Oklahoma SkillsUSA had a banner year at the national level. Members earned 51 medals, which was fifth highest among the 50 states. Only Florida (94), Texas (69), Massachusetts (59) and Tennessee (54) had more medals. Oklahoma had two medals per 226 members. Only Florida, with one medal per 106 members, did better. Congratulations to all the competitors and the great leadership of Oklahoma SkillsUSA.

Video describes the workforce issues of today and tomorrow – CareerTech is key!

The following is an exceptional nine-minute video describing the workforce and the educational needs for the future. It speaks to the importance of all aspects of high school and postsecondary education. It is especially clear in defining the importance of industry credentials and associate degrees. It finally dispels the myth of reporting average earnings to determine what the best education path might be. I encourage you to watch this one. It is well worth the nine minutes.

Creativity resource available

ctYou’s Creativity Portal has been created to support, enhance and build on CIMC’s Career Focus on Creativity publication. We hope it will grow to include creativity activities, links to websites, information on research and initiatives, video clips and more that educators can use to encourage creativity in the classroom. Currently, the portal contains links to the websites referenced in the print publication, a miniversion of Career Focus on Creativity and a creativity publication by CIMC’s Craig Maile that contains creativity resources for educators and employers. The portal is a continual work in progress, and we welcome input and ideas for additional resources. You must register (or log in) and then use the password Moodle2014! to gain access. The portal can be found at (submitted by Claire Zevnik)

Special education training offered

CareerTech is working closely with the staff at the Oklahoma State Department of Education to provide resources and promote training for special education paraprofessionals. A link has been established between OSDE and CareerTech resources, as well as promotions of future training opportunities. This Web page is a great example of what is possible through partnerships and positive interactions with our partners. (Craig Maile)

Natural gas assessment support offered

The Assessment Division has established an agreement with OMES/DCAM Alternative Fuels Program to provide three alternative fuels certification tests: Alternative Fuels Tech – LPG, Alternative Fuels Tech – CNG/NGV, CNG Compressor Operator. These assessments are available through HCP test sites. (Jennifer Cartwright)

Agency staff to serve on Baldrige Board of Examiners

Dawn Lindsley and Alice Rushmore, ODCTE staff in the Innovation, Research, and Quality Division, were selected to be members of the 2014 Board of Examiners for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. The board provides advice and guidance to the Baldrige Panel of Judges in selecting national award recipients. Their duties will include completing an independent review and a consensus review of an application, and possibly participate in a site visit. In addition to these responsibilities, board members contribute significantly by serving as ambassadors for the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program. In addition, Jared Bates, Sheryl Hale, Steve Robison and Levi Valdois were selected to serve as Examiners for the Oklahoma Quality Award Foundation. Their duties will be the same, but on the state level.

The Baldrige Performance Excellence program - which provides value to U.S. organizations and the nation's economy at a benefit-to-cost ratio of at least 820 to 1 (see Economic Study - owes much of its success to the excellence of those who serve as examiners. Serving as an examiner helps in the national effort to enhance the competitiveness, quality, and productivity of U.S. organizations.

Schedule for the week

This schedule is subject to change without notice:

Non-work day

Senior leadership
Appropriations meeting
General office work

OSU-IT meeting
Meeting with Wes Watkins

Non-work day

Non-work day

See you around!

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