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Monday Memo 2014-08-04

Procrastination will be your downfall; rethinking why we educate; the renaissance continues -- will Oklahoma participate? final Monday Memo; Oklahoma HOSA is on the move; and my schedule for the week.
Monday Memo 2014-08-04

"It has been an honor and a pleasure to work with the Oklahoma CareerTech System."

"When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this — you haven't." – Thomas A. Edison

Procrastination will be your downfall

This is a tremendous graphical presentation of the challenges created by individuals involved in change. Study the graphic carefully and see where you fit.

Rethinking why we educate

Academics are necessary, but are clearly not sufficient in preparing youth and adults for a happy, productive life. Gallup and Purdue have joined forces to redefine what the real goals of education should be. They contend leading well-meaning, fulfilled, happy, productive lives should be our gauge. They have spent decades working on performance measures around this richer set of goals. While earnings are very important, the new measures being developed add to this important measure by including community service, happiness and fulfillment to the metrics we can use. If you want more information, Google Educonomy and Brandon Busteed. Also go here to see an excellent 26-minute presentation on this critical subject:

The renaissance continues; will Oklahoma participate?

P-Tech is getting lots of press. It combines high-level academics with business-driven career and technology education to provide students with high school and postsecondary learning that leads to industry credentials, a high school diploma and an associate degree.

West Virginia has created Business Model CareerTech, in which teams of students and teachers select a product or service, design a production business to deliver the product or service and embed their academic and CareerTech instruction within the process.

Carpe Diem Learning Systems is designing a fluid, business internship-based, personalized learning environment that helps students find their passion, build their unique learning experiences and learn high-end academics and desired real-world skills.

These are just a few examples of new CareerTech programming that is fundamentally different than most current CareerTech.

Will Oklahoma join in the quest for new, more effective and efficient programming? We know we've historically led the nation in new models, but will we do it again? Time will tell.

As I leave for another phase of life, I can assure you Oklahoma has the resources and talents needed to lead this career and technology education renaissance. Here are some critical advantages Oklahoma possesses:

  • A state agency moving to performance, efficiency, continuous improvement and innovation.
  • Strong tech center resources including leadership capacity, financial capabilities, strong public support and tight business ties.
  • Programming embedded in common education.
  • Strong potential higher education partners.
  • A desire to be the best.

But Oklahoma also faces challenges:

  • Past successes that reduce the desire to try new program designs.
  • Clear separations between programs operated by tech centers and common schools and embedded in customized training.
  • Stagnant financial support from the legislature.Decision-making that is too often focused on security and serenity, not future success.

I'm confident the Oklahoma CareerTech System will capitalize on its strengths, minimize its challenges and once again establish itself as the career and technology education go-to state.

Final Monday Memo

It is with a bit of sadness I write my final Oklahoma CareerTech Monday Memo. Next week’s communication will be from the capable hands of Marcie Mack, your new interim state director.

It has been an honor and a pleasure to work with the Oklahoma CareerTech System. Best wishes and call if you are ever in Ohio. Oh, and send pictures of the Oklahoma sky in all its sunrises, sunsets and storms. I will dearly miss this unique part of Oklahoma.

Oklahoma HOSA is on the move

Oklahoma HOSA is proud to have increased our state membership by 13 percent from last year. The 2013-2014 Oklahoma HOSA membership is 6,309 students and advisers. Three hundred and ten Oklahoma HOSA members recently attended the 37th Annual HOSA National Leadership Conference in Orlando, Florida. Oklahoma advisers were responsible for three competitive events: Forensic Medicine, Nursing Assisting, and Outstanding HOSA Chapter. Sixty-three Oklahoma chapters were represented at NLC.

Oklahoma was represented in 51 events with students/teams placing in the top 10 places. Oklahoma HOSA brought home 48 medals (gold, silver or bronze). Oklahoma also has three members who reached the Mastery Level in the Health Care Issues Exam. Samuel Moffatt, Oklahoma HOSA president, received a $2,000 scholarship from National HOSA. Two winning postsecondary teams from Kiamichi Technology Center (EMT and Public Health) received monetary awards totaling $1,500.

Congratulations to HOSA and all the great youth organizations.

Schedule for the week

This schedule is subject to change without notice:

OKACTE conference

OKACTE conference

Continuous improvement seminar in conjunction with OKACTE conference

Meeting with Jake Yunker
Senior leadership meeting
Board prep
Presentation – Edmond Chamber of Commerce Meeting with Chuck Mills and Tim Burg

General office work

See you around!

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