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Weekly Memo 2014-11-24 and 2014-12-01

CareerTech legislative request; United Way campaign a success; teachers show new interest in ACTE booth;

“Gratitude is the inward feeling of kindness received. Thankfulness is the natural impulse to express that feeling. Thanksgiving is the following of that impulse.” – Henry Van Dyke

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

CareerTech legislative request

With an increased state investment of $36 million, CareerTech will fill the skills gap. CareerTech is an integral part of Oklahoma’s economy. It is charged with assuring Oklahomans can be economically productive and companies can find the workforce they need to prosper. An investment in the CareerTech System is a high-reward investment that will allow future generations to prosper. The current return on investment to the state of Oklahoma of a portion of the CareerTech System is $3.5 billion as outlined by economist Mark Snead. This additional state investment will support the following proposals:

Implement performance-based funding for
o Increasing student participation in CareerTech offerings.
o Rewarding exceptional CareerTech student performance.
o Increasing industry credentials.
o Increasing number of students seeking post-secondary education.
o Increasing our contribution to Complete College America.
Provide more funding for CareerTech in comprehensive schools.
Expand workforce development.
Grow STEM education.
Increase our workforce investment.
Meet statutory requirements.

The investment will meet the needs of the current and projected workforce. Business and industry require and will continue to require a qualified workforce. CareerTech has the ability to provide that workforce and fill the skills gap.

United Way campaign a success

Each year, the agency dedicates a specific time period to raise funds for the United Way. This year, the campaign ran from Oct. 21-Nov.3. Activities included the kickoff breakfast, a pie in the face contest, a silent auction, a bring the change contest, a Halloween contest, a live auction and the CareerTech cook-off. The agency raised $21,456.59 for the United Way. Thank you, Employees’ Association, for coordinating our campaign and making it a success.

Teachers show new interest in ACTE booth

Teachers at the Association of Career and Technical Education national convention expressed great interest in CIMC and Testing’s booth offerings, especially the agricultural education products and Early Care and Paraprofessional titles. There was new interest in CareerTech’s online learning initiatives, including CIMC’s ctYOU and ctYOUniverse products. The Testing Division continues to field requests to provide end-of-instruction tests and serve as a partner in industry initiatives. Several attendees said it was the best conference in recent years with a more diverse range of vendors.

Interim State Director Marcie Mack demonstrated the site at this year’s ACTE Conference.

CareerTech board approves distance education accreditation

The state board in November approved the EMS EMT/paramedic program accreditation for distance education in the Kiamichi Technology Center school district. CareerTech can now present the program to the National Advisory Committee of Institutional Quality and Integrity. If NACIQI approves the program, other technology centers will be able to offer distance education programs for individuals who receive financial aid.
2015 Oklahoma Economic Outlook Conference
The Oklahoma Economic Outlook Conference will be Dec. 2 at Metro Technology Centers Springlake Campus. OSU economist Dan Rickman will speak, along with other OSU economists and representatives from the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City and the Oklahoma Department of Commerce. The conference will provide information on and prospects for national and state economic conditions, focusing on education and the workforce.

CareerTech board meeting rescheduled

The regular CareerTech board meeting has been rescheduled from Dec. 11 to 9 a.m. Dec. 17 at the Oliver Hodge Education building.

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Schedule for the week 11-24 and 12-1

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Kiamichi Legislative Lunch

2015 Oklahoma Economic Outlook Conference
Oklahoma Works meeting

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State Chamber’s Annual Public Policy Forum

Regional Coordinators meeting

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