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Director's Weekly Memo 2016-12-12

Congratulations to our agency Pinnacle winners; Continuing Teacher Academy set for January; CareerTech providing assistance for transitioning soldiers; in case you missed this story, #OkCareerTechDelivers; CareerTech events; and useful links.

Congratulations to our agency Pinnacle winners

ODCTE Pinnacle Awards
From left, State Director Marcie Mack, Cecil Wainscott, Debbi Butterfield, Steve Robison, Jennifer Palacio, Kent Roof, Dawn Lindsley, Brandon Tucker.
ODCTE recognized employees who received Pinnacle recognition for exceptional work in the first and second quarters.

First Quarter Awards

  • Brandon Tucker, regional coordinator, Leadership in Achieving Excellence award
  •  Dawn Lindsley, accreditation coordinator, Innovation award
  •  Debbi Butterfield, senior accountant, Excellence in Customer Service award

Second Quarter Awards

  • Jennifer Palacio, assessment specialist, Above & Beyond award
  •  Steve Robison, information analyst, Excellence in Customer Service award
  •  Cecil Wainscott, Skills Centers instructor, Innovation award
  •  Kent Roof, Skills Centers regional director, Leadership in Achieving Excellence award


Continuing Teacher Academy set for January

CareerTech Continuing Teacher Academy for both new and veteran teachers will be Jan. 18 at Moore Norman Technology Center, South Penn Campus, for a $30 registration fee.

Each division will have dedicated time to present important topics to their instructors. In addition to the division specific information, teachers can learn about marketing and recruiting students, OK Career Guide, personal learning networks, social media do’s and don’ts and much more.

To register, go to


CareerTech providing assistance for transitioning soldiers

CareerTech state staff deliver transition briefings to Fort Sill soldiers who are preparing to leave military service.

Each week, approximately 50 new transitioning soldiers, both men and women, from all ranks go through a week-long transition training program that includes briefings on topics such as budgeting and job search skills. During these briefings, CareerTech staff are invited to deliver a brief summary of resources available in Oklahoma to aid the soldier’s transition and to help them see job opportunities in the state .

Information that is presented includes the following:

  • The tool as a means to determine what types of civilian careers match up with the soldiers’ military training. Once a soldier has registered and shared past military career/future civilian career plans, the software begins to forward job listings for Oklahoma companies that match up with the soldier’s interests and plans.
  • Information about short- and long-term skills training available at Great Plains Technology Center in Lawton, helping to fill gaps in a soldier’s skills.
  • The Career Focus magazine, a robust, information-packed publication that helps to guide the soldier to create a solid plan for entering a civilian career successfully.
  • The WorkKeys assessment, in partnership with the Education/Testing Center at Fort Sill. The WorkKeys assessment measures a soldier’s ability to apply  knowledge to real-life, practical problems, not just what the soldier knows, but how well he or she applies the knowledge to solve problems. Once the soldier’s test is graded, a Career Ready Certificate notes the test results in three key areas. This certificate is recognized nationwide and, in some cases, required for consideration for a job with some employers.
  • Information about the availability of jobs in Oklahoma for the work that soldiers wish to do in civilian life. Using standard labor market information tools, soldiers can be briefed on where the jobs are, what their average wages are and how to connect with companies that are hiring in the field in which they are interested.


In case you missed this story, #OkCareerTechDelivers

Autry Tech Students 1
Autry Technology Center graphic arts students Andrew Villarreal, left, and Banesa Orozco brainstorm a solution for a design project for Autry Business and Industry Services’ new course.
Combining Business and Education

ENID – Autry Technology Center strives to continually offer the most cutting edge training. To do so, Autry employees use many resources.

Recently, Business and Industry Coordinator Jesse Ashlock and Trainer Blaine Frye sought the assistance of Autry’s graphic arts students for material for a new course beginning in February.

Autry Tech Students 2
Autry Technology Center graphic arts students Andrew Villarreal, left, and Banesa Orozco install maps for a design project for Autry Business and Industry Services’ new course
“For the Oklahoma Traffic Incident Management course, we needed a hands-on element,” said Ashlock. “This project will help emergency personnel visualize how to place vehicles and equipment at emergency scenes to keep everyone that responds safe while they work to help those involved in the emergency.”

Ashlock and Frye met with Autry graphic arts students Banesa Orozco and Andrew Villarreal to develop a portable solution for training. These students brainstormed and created maps in Adobe Illustrator, plotted them on heavyweight canvas and installed them on a portable table with hook and loop fasteners.

“In the graphic arts program, students gain experience by working with clients,” said Cheryl Cooksey, graphic arts instructor. “Many students move on and make this their career so they need practice developing skills.”

Ashlock and Frye will be taking the TIM training all over the state. This four-hour course is available to all disciplines of emergency responders and covers building teams who can work together in a coordinated manner, from the moment the first emergency call is made.

Those in the course will learn how to correctly deploy response vehicles and equipment, how to create a safe work area using traffic control devices and how to speed up accident clearance. An emphasis will be placed on reducing the number of roadway workers and responders struck and killed by passing vehicles, reducing secondary crashes, reducing on-scene times of responders of roadway incidents and continuing public education in regards to Oklahoma traffic laws.

The course will begin Feb. 10 and continue every other Friday until April 20.

For more information on the TIM course, contact Cari Forrest at or 580-242-2750. For more information on the graphic arts program, visit or call a career counselor at 580-242-2750.

Provided by Autry Technology Center


CareerTech Events

State Holiday, Christmas, Dec. 26-27

CareerTech Board Meeting, Jan. 19

Mid-Winter OKSTEM, Jan. 20

TechCAP VIII, Jan. 26

Teacher Institute 2016-2017 Cohort, Jan. 27.


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