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Director's Weekly Memo 2018-3-12

Northeast Technology Center pairs pre-engineering students with industry partner

Northeast Tech’s pre-engineering capstone project in engineering design and development paired students with a local business, Hopkins Manufacturing.

Hopkins produces a variety of plastic products and has several different types of stations in the plant. The students, Andrew Wallace and Michael Christensen, toured the plant, saw a variety of workstations with issues or problems and chose which problem they would like to try to solve. 

Andrew and Michael chose a station where a worker cut holes out of the tops of oil pans. The plastic debris from the cutting process littered the floor, creating a slip hazard and contaminating the plastic, preventing it from being reused. Workers had to stop work about every 30 minutes to sweep. The group designed and 3-D printed an adapter connected to a vacuum to capture the debris before it hit the ground. This adapter is estimated to save the company around $4,000 a year in recaptured plastic and improves worker safety.

The students are looking into the patenting process for their invention.


Counselors get professional development opportunity

Alton Carter
Alton Carter speaks at the 2018 For Counselors Only Conference.
More than 400 counselors attended the For Counselors Only Conference, sponsored by ODCTE and the Oklahoma State Department of Education for the 14th year.

Elementary, middle school, junior high, high school and technology centers chose from 28 concurrent sessions with topics including ICAP, OK Career Guide, Oklahoma Promise, student trauma, drug trends in Oklahoma, engagement strategies and elementary career awareness. Some sessions were livestreamed to allow further access and can be found at Conference Playlist.

Alton Carter, author of “The Boy Who Carried Bricks,” which won the 2016 Oklahoma Book Award, and “Aging Out,” gave the keynote speech. Carter’s books about his journey from foster care through adulthood.


Learn more about OK Career Guide Supported by Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology EducationOK Career Guide training at Eastern Oklahoma County Technology Center on May 3 has space for 70 participants.



Teachers, supervisors learn about communication, diversity, inclusion

Quentin Sanders, ODCTE equity and diversity specialist, recently conducted sessions for Tulsa Tech supervisors and for CareerTech Teacher Institute students.

On March 8, Tulsa Tech supervisors learned about unconscious bias in the workplace. Using case studies and anecdotal scenarios, Sanders highlighted how the various types of unconscious bias can affect a workplace environment.

On March 9, Sanders facilitated an interactive discussion at the CareerTech Teacher Institute on the Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City campus. New teachers discussed how different cultural backgrounds can influence how people communicate verbally and nonverbally.


March 13 is CareerTech Day at the Oklahoma Youth Expo

Oklahoma Youth Expo is in full swing this week, and CareerTech day is Tuesday. CareerTech students across the state participate yearly in this event, which has offered opportunities to the youth of Oklahoma for many years.

Kent Boggs, FFA executive secretary at ODCTE, was recognized for his 48 years of exemplary service to the OYE. A story in The Oklahoman highlighted Boggs’ service.

Good luck to all the 4-H and FFA exhibitors!

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Boggs story


CareerTech events

BPA State Leadership Conference, March 12

CareerTech Board Meeting, March 29

FCCLA State Competitive Events, April 3

Instructional Leaders Quarterly Meeting, April 5

HOSA State Leadership Conference, April 9


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