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Director's Weekly Memo 2019-12-16

CareerTech employees receive Pinnacle Awards

During its December staff meeting, Oklahoma CareerTech honored a number of employees with Pinnacle Awards for outstanding work.

Recipients were Ric Russell and Kim Downey, Above and Beyond awards; Cori Gray, Excellence in Customer Service; Lori Broyles and Stephanie Rossander, Leadership in Achieving Excellence awards; and the accreditation team, the United Way campaign team and the payroll team, Team awards.

Above and Beyond

Ric Russell
Marcie Mack, left, and Ric Russell
Ric Russell is a program specialist in the Trade and Industrial Education division. His work to encourage CareerTech apprenticeships across the state is unmatched. He encourages businesses to hire T&I students as apprentices and encourages tech centers to offer apprenticeships with local businesses. He has also worked to open certifications within short-term programs to help more people get jobs.





Kim Downey
Kim Downey, left, and Marcie Mack
Kim Downey is a project assistant in the Accreditation division. She fielded calls and emails from new teachers and old employees before OK Summit and helped set up accreditation training. Her logistics and detailed plans helped make both OK Summit and accreditation visits operate more smoothly. She has been selected to take over the lottery for two areas and is never too busy to help anyone who needs assistance.




Excellence in Customer Service

Cori Gray
Marcie Mack, left, and Cori Gray
Cori Gray is a deputy state director. She ensures excellent customer service at ODCTE, modeling it herself and expecting it from each division as well. She provides accurate and timely information to schools and works to update past processes to fit new situations, legislation or needs. She is knowledgeable and flexible but still follows the rules of CareerTech.




Leadership in Achieving Excellence

Lori Broyles
Marcie Mack, left, and Lori Broyles
Lori Broyles is a regional coordinator in the Education Partnerships and Customized Services division. Each year she offers small business management and entrepreneurial forums and participates in and helps lead industrial coordinator forums. She has served as co-leader of BISCP and served as PACE adviser. Since starting her position in 2015, she has been dedicated to strengthening relationships, maintaining quality and education others about CareerTech BIS offerings.




Stephanie Rossander
Marcie Mack, left, and Stephanie Rossander
Stephanie Rossander is finance manager. She has shown she can lead a team, collaborate with others and maintain ODCTE’s solid financial position. In addition to her work in finance, she worked in the agency operation team, providing the foundation for agency procedure development. She also shares best practices with other managers to help everyone improve.





Accreditation Team
From left, Sandra McKnight, Margi Cooper, Jessica Ventris, Randy Feagan, Tracy Boyington, Alan Nahs, Kim Downey, Craig Maile and Marcie Mack.
The accreditation team improved accreditation visits for examiners and tech centers by implementing new processes and introducing technology use by examiners during visits. The changes have shortened visits, saved money and resulted in faster reports while not compromising visits’ integrity. Team members are Randy Feagan, Jessica Ventris, Sandra McKnight, Alan Nahs, Kim Downey, Craig Maile, Tracy Boyington and Margi Cooper.




United Way Campaign Team
From left, Rhonda Foote, Rob McClendon, Gunner Fullbright, Marissa Villones, Andrea Hancock, Connie Lewis, Melissa Sturgeon, Julie Bunch, Paula Bowles, Margi Cooper, Laura Wilson, Connie Romans, Nelson Solomon, Blane Singletary, Tim Hodges, Marcie Mack and Kylie Moulton
The United Way campaign team began brainstorming ideas in early October to kick off the ODCTE campaign. They set the ODCTE goal at $18,000 and planned several activities to raise awareness about how contributions help the 22 partner agencies of the United Way of Payne County. Committee members held a pancake breakfast kickoff, a chili and dessert cook-off and live auction, a silent auction, a bake sale, a Halloween decorating and costume contest and a new activity, Mack the Stacks, in which a team member delivered a toy Mack truck to and from offices for contributions. The truck delivery team member even earned a trained technician certificate according to his nametag. That activity raised $823. The campaign raised $20,431.46 for Payne County of United Way, which took a great deal of participation from the staff and even others outside ODCTE. United Way campaign team members were Andrea Hancock, Blane Singletary, Connie Lewis, Connie Romans, Gunner Fullbright, Julie Bunch, Karen Hart, Laura Wilson, Margi Cooper, Marissa Villones, Melissa Sturgeon, Nelson Solomon, Paula Bowles, Rhonda Foote, Rob McClendon, Robyn Drury, Suzi Kucko, Tim Hodges and Kylie Moulton.

Payroll Team
Marcie Mack, left, and Rebecca Clapp; Not pictured: Marie Saatkamp


For almost a year, the payroll team operated with a smaller staff. While still doing their usual tasks, team members spent extra hours making sure employees’ information was correct and following a 40-plus step payroll process to achieve their motto, “Everyone gets paid and on time.” Payroll team members are Rebecca Clapp and Marie Saatkamp. They are happy to have Lee Ann Gregory back on their team and Melissa Sturgeon as their manager.





Podcast looks at Oklahoma women who took to the skies

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Oklahoma Pork Council films video in FCS class

Elise Friese, a new family and consumer sciences teacher, taught her students at Webster Middle School in Oklahoma City about pork products thanks to a grant from the Oklahoma Pork Council. This video highlights what the students learned.




Snow falling on the Oklahoma CareerTech sign. Wishing you a very merry Christmas and a prosperous new year from Oklahoma CareerTech.



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