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Monday Memo 2014-03-03

The enemy is out there!; Noble Foundation a unique Oklahoma treasure; Tuttle nominated for the Oklahoma Hall of Fame; cooperative alliance efforts continue; Jordan Danser - Canadian Valley Technology Center; NTHS members convene at state Capitol; Ohio comes to Oklahoma; Indian Capital Tech Center hosts Certified Program Planner training; and my schedule for the week.
Monday Memo 2014-03-03

Canadian Valley Technology Center "bookworm" Jordan Danser steps out.

“If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we are not really living. Growth demands a temporary surrender of security.” – Gail Sheehy

The enemy is out there!

Peter Senge in “The Fifth Discipline” identified a series of organizational learning disabilities. One of the most powerful is “The enemy is out there!” I speak of it often and am inflicted with it on a daily basis. What is it? You get it any time you blame your condition on someone or something beyond your own personal or organizational control. If I can blame my current challenges on someone or something beyond my control, I don’t have to change or learn. Hence the learning disability. We must all guard against this deadly disability. Here is a classic education example and how to change it to our benefit.

  • “Those children can’t learn because of the emotional baggage they bring with them. When someone solves these social challenges, we will be able to teach them.”
    o The enemy is an outside impact beyond the school’s control.
  • “Our children bring lots of emotional baggage with them, and we haven’t figured out how to counteract it yet!” 
    o The statement recognizes the external challenges, but focuses on what we will do to correct it.

It seems simple, but I’ll guarantee you will hear an “enemy is out there!” statement before the sun sets (and you may be the one who says it!).

Noble Foundation a unique Oklahoma treasure

Lloyd Noble is a uniquely Oklahoman story. Born to an entrepreneurial family, raised on hard work, driven to make a living in the oil industry and ever-focused on making life better for Oklahoma neighbors and friends. Out of his love for Oklahoma, he created the Noble Foundation. The foundation, worth more than $1 billion today, took his dream of supporting farmers and ranchers through research and turned it into a major force in forage research and practice. If you get a chance, acquaint yourself with the foundation.

We toured the fascinating facilities at the Noble Foundation last week. We met very dedicated people who are focused on assuring the Dust Bowl never repeats and our food supply is forever assured. One of their major efforts is agricultural literacy. We discussed ways we can assist them with their efforts. Key to our emerging collaborative will be their engagement with career development efforts, support of career readiness programming for middle and high school youth in all schools and our ability to support their training efforts to spread the curriculum they are developing. Their focus is to bring agriculture projects and science to all science classrooms.

This is tremendous work in support of better academics and greater understanding of how agriculture works. Stay tuned for great partnership work.

By the way, the Noble Foundation is a major supporter of our agricultural education/FFA programs. Their support includes support of National FFA.

Tuttle nominated for the Oklahoma Hall of Fame

Thanks to the efforts of many, an endorsement from Gov. Mary Fallin and tireless efforts from the team at Francis Tuttle, the nationally recognized past leader of our CareerTech System has been nominated to the Oklahoma Hall of Fame. Stay tuned for the results!

Cooperative alliance efforts continue

The agency is working positively with the Oklahoma Board of Regents to resolve challenges created within the cooperative alliance process after the Higher Learning Commission, the national accrediting body, found fault with our current approach. Both agencies have been working hard together to be sure no students are caught in the middle of this paperwork challenge. Matt Litterell and team are focused on resolving the issues and getting the system back in full operation and within HLC guidelines. If you have any questions, please direct them Matt’s way. No issue is too small to share. Knowing the challenges helps us resolve the specific issues.

Jordan Danser - Canadian Valley Technology Center

Bookworm Jordan Danser steps out.

THEN: A 16-year-old home-schooled student ready to explore his options. The self-proclaimed bookworm stepped completely out of his element by enrolling in the CVTC welding program where he:

  • “Got a little dirty” learning welding techniques and solving manufacturing challenges.
  • Became a Student Ambassador and competed in SkillsUSA speaking contests.
  • Earned the WorkKeys® Career Readiness Certificate Gold status.
  • Earned 12 hours of college credit.

NOW: Jordan was amazed at the opportunities he found so close to home. He earned a score of 30 on his ACT, received $46,400 worth of scholarships and attends the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, where he is studying mathematics with an emphasis in numerical analysis and possibly plans to become an engineer. Jordan enjoys telling people about CVTC and the education, experience and relationships he gained that make him a well-rounded individual.

NTHS members convene at state Capitol

Students from across Oklahoma were at the Capitol last week for the 18th annual National Technical Honor Society Day at the Capitol. Students met in the House chamber and had the opportunity to hear from Gov. Mary Fallin. For her support of career and technology education, Fallin became the newest member of NTHS when she was presented with honorary membership. Students heard from Robert Sommers, CareerTech state director and Oklahoma secretary of education and workforce development, and NTHS co-founders Allen Powell and Patricia Poteat. Students spent the rest of their day meeting with legislators and watching the legislature in session. (contributed by Jeremy Zweiacker)

Ohio comes to Oklahoma

A sizable contingent from across Ohio will be visiting CareerTech programs in Oklahoma this week. The entire visit is being coordinated by Kimberly Sadler in conjunction with our digital initiatives. Ohio and Oklahoma have a great deal in common and have continuously learned from each other over the years. This trip will result in greater ideas around our digital effort and the efforts in Ohio. Ohio participants include individuals from the OSU (the other OSU!) CETE, Miami Valley Tech Center and Butler Tech. The group will visit Tulsa, Southern, Moore Norman and Francis Tuttle Technology Centers.

Indian Capital Tech Center hosts Certified Program Planner training

Indian Capital Technology Center recently hosted a Certified Program Planner training Feb. 18-21 through the Learning Resources Network. This three-day intensive training focusing on program needs analysis and development, instructor recruitment, finance and budgeting, pricing, marketing and customer service involved 35 professionals from 13 Oklahoma technology centers and ODCTE.

In addition to the state department, participants came from Autry, Central, Francis Tuttle, Gordon Cooper, High Plains, Indian Capital, Kiamichi, Meridian, Northeast, Tri-County, Wes Watkins, Western and Tulsa Technology Centers. Participants also had the opportunity to take a comprehensive exam on the final day and received CPP certification upon passing the exam.

LERN is the largest association in lifelong learning in the world, with more than 4,000 members in 16 countries. (contributed by Anesa Hooper)

Schedule for the week

This schedule is subject to change without notice:


Non-work day


Senior leader meeting
Workforce systems partners meeting
Meeting with Austin Slaymaker
Southwest legislative reception


Meeting with Robert Buswell
Legislative debriefing with superintendents
Meeting with OMES
Meeting on Workforce partners
Governor’s Initiative Team meeting
Meeting on Commerce labor market data
Meeting with Ohio group


Carver Governance training with the Office of Educational Quality and Accountability
Meeting with Ohio group


Conference call Marcie Mack
Meeting with Rep. Coody
Meeting with Megan Clifford
Debrief with Ohio Delegation

See you around!

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