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WorkKeys Works for local Employer Partners

Matching the right employee to the right job at the right time creates a healthy workplace and positive economic impact on the community and the state.
WorkKeys Works for local Employer Partners

Jeff Parduhn, owner and controller of Pelco Products, Inc. in Edmond

WorkKeys works for local Employer Partners

A growing number of businesses statewide are being recognized as Oklahoma Career Readiness Employer Partners. These companies know that matching the right employee to the right job at the right time creates a healthy workplace and positive economic impact on the community and the state.

Employer Partners "recognize," "request" or "require" the WorkKeys® assessments and Career Readiness Certificate as a valued employee credential. Certification of workplace skills is of critical importance to employers as they seek to improve talent supply-chains.

Job seeker and incumbent worker testing and employer job profiling has been made accessible statewide through a partnership between the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education, Oklahoma Department of Commerce and the Governor’s Council for Workforce and Economic Development.

In addition to the more than 100 of Oklahoma Employer Partners, since 2006, more than 58,000 Oklahoma high school students and adults have taken the WorkKeys assessments. These job seekers learned their strengths and weaknesses and received at least a bronze level Career Readiness Certificate.

WorkKeys was developed by ACT, a company best known for the ACT Assessment college entrance exam and is an international leader in educational assessment and workforce development services.

During the past decade, ACT-authorized job profilers have completed WorkKeys job and occupational profiles for thousands of jobs across every employment field and used by thousands of companies and schools across the United States and internationally.

The employee payoff is job satisfaction, increased self-confidence, opportunities and wages within the company. The employer payoff is found in reduced turnover and associated training costs, increased productivity and company overall success, impacting the state’s bottom line.

“Oklahoma is a leader in the Career Readiness Certificate national movement,” said Bill Guest, executive director of the National CRC Advocates.  “That is why we approached Oklahoma first and were not surprised that Oklahoma was the first state to commit to developing an aggressive plan to take their program to the next level. Oklahoma’s employers are fortunate to have access to a workforce that is certified to possess valuable workplace skills based on nationally recognized third party assessments.”

Oklahoma provides 150 CRC assessment sites at technology centers, workforce centers, community colleges, adult education centers and tribal career centers. All 29 CareerTech centers as well as many workforce centers across the state provide KeyTrain and CR101 to prepare for the WorkKeys assessments.

The assessments for the CRC and KeyTrain/Career Ready 101 are funded by the Governor's Council for Workforce and Economic Development partnership. WorkKeys job profiles may qualify for funding through Business and Industry Services at local technology centers.

For more information about how to become an Employer Partner, WorkKeys assessments, KeyTrain, CR101 and the Career Readiness Certificate visit

By Ann Houston
Communications and Marketing

August 31, 2011

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