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CareerTech Helps Musician Mike Misner Change His Tune

CareerTech Helps Musician Mike Misner Change His Tune

Mike Misner at home . . . in Enid.

CareerTech Helps Musician Mike Misner Change His Tune

French horn player turned device support analyst Mike Misner vouches that dreams don't always work out - even with hard work, dedication and sacrifice. When Dream A doesn't work, however, go for Dream B. It may pay off.

In 1986, Misner graduated from Enid High School with dreams of becoming a full-time college professor of music.

During the next 15 years, he earned a bachelor's degree in music education from Oklahoma State University and master of music degree and a doctor of musical arts in horn performance from the University of Texas at Austin. He landed a hopeful foot in the university door as adjunct professor of French horn and music theory at Prairie View A&M University.

This part-time job was not paying the bills or fulfilling dreams, and during those seven years Misner continued looking for a full-time professorship while playing in Oklahoma, Texas and Virginia orchestras and traveling to Austria to participate in the Austrian-American Mozart Academy opera camp. He became a horn clinician, giving private lessons to children, but was still barely making ends meet.

“Music wasn’t working,” Misner said.

In ­2008, on a trip to visit family in Enid, Misner was at the local Walmart waiting for a tire change. On the table next to him was a catalog for Autry Technology Center.

"I had heard of the technology center before," Misner said. "The catalog had the words 'Network Administrator' on the front, so I picked it up. I'd taken some Web design classes at a community college in Austin but they only lasted two to three weeks. I needed more. And this looked like a great deal. I was ready for a career change."

So at the age of 39, Misner decided to move back home, live with his parents and look into the information technology course at Autry.

At Autry, Misner learned to install, configure and troubleshoot software and hardware on network and desktop computers. He received training in configuring and maintaining servers, routers and switches and became knowledgeable in managing various network protocols on local area networks and wide area networks.

Misner became an active member of the National Technical Honor Society, an organization designed to honor student achievement and leadership, promote educational excellence, award scholarships and enhance career opportunities.

For two semesters of full-day classes at Autry, Misner spent a total of about $2,000. He then quickly obtained his associate degree using college credit hours earned through an alliance between Autry and Northern Oklahoma College.

By 2009, Misner was working at Luckinbill Inc. as an IT specialist in charge of maintaining and networking the company's computer systems. Luckinbill is an Enid-based mechanical contracting corporation.

Misner then for six months worked for TEK Systems - a company that finds IT professionals for companies to hire.

And that is what Integris Bass Baptist Health Center did.

Today, Misner's Dream B option has been realized.

Not only is he a device support analyst at Integris Bass Baptist Health Center, he also met and married his wife, Dana - and now teaches and plays French horn - for fun - in the Enid Symphony Orchestra.





By Kylie Fanning, Intern

Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education Communications and Marketing


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