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MNTC Earns National Gold Readiness Award Through Tech Centers That Work


(NORMAN, Okla.) June 23, 2014 – Moore Norman Technology Center recently learned that it is one of five technical schools throughout the U.S. that has earned a Technology Centers That Work Gold Readiness Award. The award, based on the 2014 High Schools That Work Assessment results, will be presented to MNTC at the 2014 HSTW Summer Staff Development Conference July 16 at the Opryland Resort and Convention Center in Nashville, Tenn.

The TCTW initiative is a school improvement program that was developed in 2007. The basis of the program is to provide the high-level of instruction and a compelling environment that high school students will use during part of their school day that leads to readiness for career-based employment in varied technical industries. MNTC is one of 180 active TCTW sites in 18 states.

Senior Vice President of TCTW Southern Regional Education Board Gene Bottoms said, “It is not a small feat to deeply implement the TCTW model and improve student achievement. Doing so requires a variety of changes in school and classroom practices and expectations.”

MNTC Director of Educational Services Susan Gladhill said, "Technology Centers That Work helps the teachers at MNTC improve student readiness for college and careers by providing a framework of goals and key practices. Earning this award sends a message to our teachers that the high expectations and the increased rigor of academics incorporated in their classrooms is working.

"In addition to receiving the Gold Readiness Award, 17 of the 60 MNTC high school seniors taking the TCTW Assessment received the TCTW Award for Educational Achievement.  As a school, we plan to continue to make progress by building a culture of high expectations in which all groups of students excel."

Criteria for the TCTW Gold Readiness Award include MNTC having 65 percent or more of its high school students meet one or more readiness goal; 65 percent or more of students complete one or more parts of the recommended curriculum; and at least 40 percent of students indicate that they experienced an intensive emphasis on quality career-technical studies.

To learn more about MNTC’s full-or-part time technical education classes for high school students and adults that lead to employment visit To set up a free appointment with an MNTC Career Advisor call 405-364-5763, ext. 7260.


Anna Trowbridge, APR

Media & Creative Coordinator
Moore Norman Technology Center
P: 405-364-5763, ext. 7575

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