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State CareerTech Students Compete in OSUIT’s Cyber Security Invitational Competition

State CareerTech Students Compete in OSUIT’s Cyber Security Invitational Competition

CareerTech Faculty, left to right: Nick Gaunt, Central Technology Center; Barron Winters, Mid-America Technology Center; Don Pipkin, Tulsa Technology Center; and Don DeWald, Canadian Valley Technology Center.

Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology’s Cyber Security Invitational Competition was held last week to test the cyber security skills of students studying computer and network protection at state Career Technology Centers. The contest was open to secondary students and postsecondary students.

The competing teams were from Canadian Valley Technology Center, Central Technology Center, Mid-America Technology Center, and Tulsa Technology Center.

The students who participated in the competition were from the following CareerTechs:

• From Canadian Valley Technology Center: Chris Gill, John Hoffman, Connor Rhodes, Chance Stahlman and Michael Wilson.

• From Central Technology Center – Jimmy Brandly.

• From Mid-America Technology Center – Ryan Kendrick, Kyle Wingate.

• From Tulsa Technology Center – Alexa Crane, Travis Gulley, Jacob Gunkel, Daniel Khattab, Ryan Palestini.

There were two components to the competition – penetration testing and computer forensics.

The penetration testing section of the competition tested students’ knowledge and techniques to ensure an organization’s computer information systems are secure. The digital forensics competition tested their ability to apply digital forensic skills to obtain and process digital forensics evidence.

OSUIT’s Information Technologies faculty facilitated the contest in the university’s AT&T/SBC Excelerator computer labs.

Scott Newman, OSUIT’s Information Technologies Division Chair, says the competition challenged students to use skills they are learning in their CareerTech programs and will use in future work as skilled cyber security experts.

He adds that the competition provides opportunities for OSUIT’s Information Technologies faculty to interact with the state’s most talented CareerTech cyber security students.

“The contest helps our faculty get to know the state’s best and brightest cyber security students—and the technology center faculty and students with opportunities to see how they stack up against other cyber security talent around the state. Through this competition, we hope to encourage many of these talented students to pursue careers in this growing field.”

“Outstanding Cyber Security Program” award -- Canadian Valley Technology Center.

The individual winners of the competition were:

Secondary Winners:

3rd Place - Ryan Kendrick
2nd Place – John Hoffman
1st Place – Jimmy Brandly

Postsecondary Winners:

3rd Place -- Travis Gulley
2nd Place – Alexa Crane
1st Place -- Jacob Gunkel

OSUIT and area CareerTechs are working together through a National Science Foundation grant to train students in cyber security and forensics -- one of the most in-demand career fields today.

OSUIT and the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education are partners in the only pilot program in the nation that synchronizes a career path from high school through graduate school. Each contestant won a prize from a list which included scholarships, certification exam vouchers, forensics software and other computer-related technologies and devices.

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Story by

Sharon Smith
OSUIT Public Relations Officer


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